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Do You Need A Training Partner?

Training Partner: Need One? by Jim Jackson Freelance health writer Editor’s Foreword: Do you train solo? Maybe it’s time for a fitness partner? A training partner is a great way to add extra motivation and drive to your routine and push you to new heights! Read more to see if

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Health Science of the Week: 11/27/2015

The Latest Health Science of the Week by Josh Anderson M.S., PT, and Founder of DIY Active Each week we give you 5 of the coolest new studies to hit masses! These studies have the capability to shape the very nature of what we consider healthy nutrition and how we exercise.

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5 Nutritional Paleo Diet Benefits

Here’s a Few Paleo Diet Benefits by Roman Winter Freelance health writer Editor’s Foreword: What exactly are the benefits of the paleo diet? Is it really that great for you? As with anything nutrition, as long as you don’t severely restrict your diet the paleo diet can have many benefits! Check out these paleo diet benefits to see

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10 Fat Burning Foods and Why They Work

Fat burning foods: Add these foods in your diet! Editor’s Foreword: Fat burning foods? Seriously? What are they? While they don’t literally melt or burn fat, these fat burning foods can help speed up your metabolism and set you up for weight loss! Combined with your active DIY Lifestyle, these fat burning foods can help you get the weight

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Recipe of the Week: Tempeh Bacon

We are definitely carnivorous here at DIY Active but we know there are many people out there who aren’t or who are looking for a healthier alternative now and then especially with a few studies depicting how processed meats can be harmful to our health. Well here’s a tasty alternative

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