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Train Like a Boxer Without Joining a Fight Gym

Train Like a Boxer Starting Today! by Jamie Stewart Muay Thai fighter, boxing enthusiast, and writer at Editor’s Foreword: From Mike Tyson to Rocky, we all have a respectful appreciation for boxers and especially their level of fitness. Do you

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10 Fat Burning Foods and Why They Work

Fat burning foods: Add these foods in your diet! Editor’s Foreword: Fat burning foods? Seriously? What are they? While they don’t literally melt or burn fat, these fat burning foods can help speed up your metabolism and set you up for weight loss! Combined with your active

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Effective At Home Yoga Routine

Try This At Home Yoga Routine! by Laurenn Cutshaw 200-hour Yoga Alliance certified instructor Branding for Yoga Six Editor’s Foreword: Ready to change your fitness routine? Ready to try something new? Try this at home yoga routine to help you

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Garage Gym Ideas: Fitness Ball Workout

Garage Gym Ideas At Its Finest Look, bodyweight exercises are friggin awesome but sometimes we can use some small, economical pieces of equipment to increase the number of exercises we can do and build a more effective workout! That’s where garage

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11 Delicious Protein Smoothie Recipes

Delicious Protein Smoothie Recipes by Kara Walters Contributor at Editor’s Foreword: Protein smoothie recipes are in high demand because not only are they delicious but they also are a great way to recover after a tough workout! From meal replacements

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