10 Office Exercises You Can Do To Burn Calories

Office Exercises: Be office fit

Sitting in the office all day can get boring and tedious (trust me, I know)…  After the day is done many people simply don’t have the energy to hit the gym. We often get asked what are some office exercises and tips that can be done to help burn a few calories while you’re sitting there working or studying (if you are a student check this source for reading essays on motivation).

Office Exercises: Let’s Go

You ask we answer – let’s check out 10 tricks you can implement right now to help keep you healthy at the office! Office exercises to the rescue!

10 Office Exercises You Can Do To Burn Calories1. Time your water breaks

When you get in the zone it can be easy to forget to stay hydrated, I even do that when I’m writing these articles. One way to combat that is to have multiple alarms on your cell phone to remind you that it’s time to grab some water.

Not only will this get you up, moving, and stretching but it will also help you stay hydrated and running at full capacity!

2. Take the long way

With all those water breaks you will definitely need to visit the john. One way to help you get the blood flowing a little more and you burning a few extra calories is to make sure to take the long way to the bathroom.

I’m not saying slack off and go to the bathroom on the 13th floor when you are on the 2nd floor but take the long way to your own bathroom.

3. Try a stability ball

Having a stability ball instead of your office chair is the big craze nowadays (along with standing desks). Stability balls make for good replacement chairs because it forces you to sit straight up (working on posture and the core), helps you work on your balance, and can be used to work on your core when you have a break (ball crunches).

4. Glute contractions

One exercise that you can do when sitting there writing a memo about something that you probably don’t care about is glute squeezes (aka butt squeezes). You basically contract your glutes (butt muscles) and hold that for 5-10 seconds, release, and repeat.

5. Calf raises

Another exercise you can do is a calf raise. Apply pressure down on your feet and use that pressure to get the resistance you lift against with the calf raise.

You basically lift your heel off the ground while keeping your toes down to contract the calves. The harder you push down the harder the resistance will be.

6. Thigh adductors squeeze

One way to work on the thigh and hip muscles are to perform adductor squeezes. The movement of squeezing your knees together (remember the old Jane Fonda videos; there was plenty of this going on there) is hip adduction and works on your inner thigh.

To exercise this make two fists and put them together between your knees and squeeze your hips together against those fists working your inner thigh. Hold that squeeze for 5-10 seconds, release, and then repeat.

7. Thigh abductor holds

The opposite of hip adduction is hip abduction or where you are opening up your thighs. To exercise these muscles you can press against your outer knees while you are trying to open them at the same time. This will really hit the outer thigh! Hold that squeeze for 5-10 seconds, release, and then repeat.

8. Arm circles

If you don’t mind looking silly while people are around you can perform arm circles to work your shoulders. Hold your arms straight out from your sides and perform small circles in a forward direction. Do this for 30 seconds, rest, and perform 30 more seconds of arm circles backward.

9. Quad extensions

To work your quads you can perform extensions under your desk. Maintain your balance by holding onto your chair or desk and extend your leg out (raising your foot and calf up), extending and flexing the quad. Hold that contraction for 5-10 seconds, release, and then repeat.

10. Bodyweight exercises

If you have an office of your own (or even if you have a cubicle and don’t care about other people watching) you can perform bodyweight movements when you have a free minute.

Exercises like squats, pushups, and planks make for a great total body workout! For many of these exercises, you can use your chair, stability ball, or even desk for support and balance. For a full list of bodyweight exercises, you can do visit: Couch Potato Workout.

Wrap-Up: Office Exercises

When it comes to exercising at the office, there are no limitations – the only limitation is your imagination.

You can figure out all kinds of ways to exercise while sitting there working away or studying.

No matter what, just always remember to stay active every single day!

Always perform some task that makes you break a sweat and you will be well on your way to achieving your goals!

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