The 10 Best Workout Music Will Rock Your Training

Your Workout Music: Get Pumped

You have to have that workout music blasting while you exercise, right? Apart from getting you amped, what are some other benefits of workout music? Glad you asked! Find out below and check out the bonus workout music mix video at the end!

How your workout music affects your exercise

Do you find your fitness routine becoming hard or boring? Then you should find what helps you to stay motivated.

For example inspirational videos, famous athlete books, great advice, and so on. But there is a lot easier and more enjoyable method to do so.

It’s called listening to music!

That’s right. Music is not only for fun but also to improve your training results!

Here’s how music benefits your training:

10 Ways Your Workout Music Rocks Your Training1. Increases Blood Flow

Researchers found that music triggers positive emotions that increase the blood flow to your blood vessels. And guess what tissues need the most blood when you exercise?

Yes, it’s muscle tissues! Blood sends oxygen to your muscles which are used by cells to create energy molecules that you use when exercising.

2. Unlocks Your Powers

You use only a part of your muscle strength because when you are weight training, neurons transmit signals which you feel as pain. It acts as a defense to protect you from damage that can result because of overstressing yourself.  Yet, to get maximum results you need to use all strength you have.

To do so, play upbeat music which can lower brain barriers that stop you from using full power. But be careful because pushing yourself beyond limits can result in injuries that won’t let you exercise for a long time.

3. Enhances Endurance

If you’re an endurance athlete, you need to stay to the end. But when you do an event for hours, it’s good to have empowering music that would ease your work and make it more enjoyable.

It’s been proven that on long challenges music helps because of the power of distraction! Distract away!

4. Decreases Pain

If you’re a beginner with a lower exercise capacity you’ll feel more “burn” when exercising. It’s because muscles your muscles are doing something they haven’t done before and you’ll need time to get accustomed to new challenges.

And there is where music comes in handy. Scientists tell us that music drastically decreases the pain you feel and because of that, lets you do more and heavier exercises without feeling so much pain.

5. Boosts Recovery Speed

If you eat carbs after training and still feel drained, keep music on! It’s been proven that listening to music after hard exercises helps you to recover faster and lets you relax.

6. Improves Sleep

You know how important sleep is if you want to get ready for tomorrow’s workouts. Furthermore, sleep increases your growth hormone production which is needed to develop bigger muscles.

Researchers found that listening to classical music improved student’s sleep and did so by helping them to fall asleep faster, giving them more energy, and requiring less time to stay in a bed.

7. Eliminates Stressful Feelings

When you go to competitions and know that your performance decreases in stressful situations, turn on cool music! One study found that when basketball players, due to too much stress perform worse, researchers offered players to listen to music and they got better results!

You can use it too when you want to increase your training intensity and empower yourself to win.

8. Boosts Mood

If you feel sad or annoyed, forget it! It doesn’t help you to achieve your dreams. A 2013 study found that beloved music makes you happier.

It’s important to be in a good mood when you exercise because it strengthens your belief in yourself which empowers you to succeed.

9. Motivates

A researcher discovered that when college students listened to music, they traveled more than the group who went without music.

It shows that great sounds not only decrease pain but also keep you motivated by helping you to push harder than you could do without music.

10. Inspires

When you hear music by your favorite artist, you know that they weren’t famous before they dedicated their lives to their passion. They succeeded because of their belief in themselves and that they can do what they love.

And when you listen to them, you remember that you should also believe in yourself and train even harder to reach your dreams.


The Best Music to Rock Your Training is…

Scientists don’t have the same opinion on what is best for you.

Yet, it’s always effective to listen to yourself and you’ll understand what you need.

No matter if you love rap or pop, listen to what you love and enjoy the higher results with music you love!

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