20 Grilled Skewer Recipes To Welcome BBQ Season

Your New Favorite Skewer Recipes

How can someone miss a mouth-watering barbecue? BBQ skewers are a complete meal containing lots of veggies, meats, and cheese. This food dish is done over direct heat from charcoal or gas. The main ingredient of barbecue is its smokey flavor. Most of us love to do a backyard barbecue and it’s very easy to cook.

So, What Is Skewer?

A skewer is a thin metal or wood stick that holds pieces of meat, prawns, shrimps, and veggies together. The skewer is used while grilling or roasting meat. Be sure to check out more premium grilling supplies at Grillheads.

Characteristics of Skewer

  • Easy to use while grilling
  • A metal skewer is environment friendly
  • It’s durable and long-lasting
  • For BBQ, it’s an essential kitchen tool that should not be ignored
  • There are many types of skewer available such as metal, wooden, and hooked skewer
  • They are very easy to hold and easy to carry with the food

So, to cook delicious grilled BBQ skewers, read on.

1. Rainbow Salmon Skewer

Whatever you cook, skewers are great. You can make a tempting rainbow salmon skewer with veggies and that is perfect to make your evening memorable.

You will need one wood skewer stick, wedges of onions, red-green-yellow bell peppers, and salmon fish, you are done!

2. Chicken Pineapple Skewer

It’s a contemporary version of chicken skewer with a touch of pineapple. You need to add some pineapple with chicken and marinate in teriyaki sauce.

After grilling, just add a pinch of sesame seeds for an oriental touch.

3. Vegetarian Sesame Kebabs

If you don’t want to eat meat, you can go for vegetarian sesame kebabs. These kebabs are a combination of Greek yogurt and chickpea flour. It is a perfect appetizer.

4. Turkish Chicken Skewer

20 Grilled Skewer Recipes To Welcome BBQ SeasonA perfect blend of lemon, garlic, tomato, and yogurt with yummy marinated chicken cubes.

This is the best skewer for the summer barbecue season. If you are really a foodie, explore this dish!

5. Lime Pork Belly Skewer

This skewer variety is very new. Most of you have not tried this yet. So, this is the right season to try pork belly skewer with lime and cilantro. This is a very light dish.

6. Asian Steak Kebabs

If you are a fan of the traditional steak kebabs, then this is perfect for you. It has a deep, smokey flavor that is very mouth-watering. Its pepper flavor makes you adore this dish.

7. Grilled Strawberry Skewer

If you are a dessert lover, this dish is for you. You can have grilled cake with strawberry and blueberry touch. It’s going well with chilled vanilla ice cream.

So, why are you waiting? Don’t forget to make this skewer variety at the end as dessert.

8. Moroccan Herb Chicken Skewer

To make this skewer, you just need perfectly clean chicken, lemon, cilantro, fresh ginger, and pieces of asparagus, and a grilling appliance.

This is the perfect option for those that love to make different types of chicken.

9. Harissa Grilled Shrimp Skewer

If you don’t like to eat spicy food, this skewer dish is best for you.

To make this skewer, you will require coconut milk and shrimp. You just need to dip shrimp into coconut milk, garnish it with herbs, and grill it.


So, whenever you plan for a backyard BBQ, don’t forget to consider these 9 delicious skewer recipes. Make your summer evening memorable with a small get-together and a BBQ.

It’s a right time to up your cooking style with finger-licking barbecue dishes.

What are you waiting for? Just invite your dear and near ones, you have a great reason to invite them with these skewer recipes!