4 Quick Ways to Weight Loss Tips: That Work for Everyone

Weight Loss Strategies

Obesity has become so rampant these days that according to the latest World Health Organization fact sheet, 13% of the global adult population is obese. Also in 2016, almost 41 million children below five years old and over 340 million children aged 5-19 years old are already considered overweight.

Try these simple weight-loss strategies

With the above mentioned statistics, it is safe to say that losing weight is not only for adults but children as well.

Here are four ways that you can lose weight no matter what age bracket you belong to.

1. Change your diet

Your food intake is your number one enemy when it comes to losing weight. With so many enticing food ads around us, we become tempted to eat even when we are already full. You should always make an effort to count the calories before eating or buying any food. Eat low-calorie foods that can make you feel and stay full for a longer time. Examples of which include whole eggs, fresh fruits and vegetables, chicken breast, and nuts.

4 Weight Loss Strategies That Work For All AgesBe sure, though, that you always have well-balanced meals every day because your body needs moderate amounts of fats, carbohydrates, and protein in order to function well.

There are also plenty of food supplements with natural ingredients that can help you burn those unwanted fats. You can check out Golias to find an effective food supplement that is right for you.

2. Drink a lot of water

Not only is it 100% calorie-free, but it also helps you curb your hunger by making you feel full. It is also interesting to note that drinking water helps burn calories. Coldwater does a better job at this because it requires your body to use more energy to warm the water up to your body temperature.

Some people like to put lemons, cucumbers, and mint leaves in their water to make it taste better. Plus, lemons, cucumbers, and mint leaves also have their weight loss benefits.

3. Be active

Although there are studies that prove that eating a well-balanced meal and drinking plenty of water can help you lose weight, you can never deny that exercise is one of the best ways to shed those extra pounds as well. People, no matter what age group, can definitely benefit from exercise. Even a slight addiction to your daily physical activity can go a long way in losing weight.

Climb the stairs instead of taking the escalator or elevator. Walk instead of taking the bus, if possible. Get that cup of coffee instead of asking your secretary or someone else to do it for you. The possibilities are endless.

4. Get a buddy

Find someone who can be your exercise buddy or accountability partner. This person can also act as your cheerleader whenever you feel like your efforts are in vain. It feels good to have someone with whom you can celebrate your successes and share your failures.


Losing weight is not that hard if you put your heart and mind into it.

You don’t need to spend or change a lot in your lifestyle to achieve your weight goal. All you need is discipline and persistence, and you are good to go.