5 Daily Routine Fitness Hacks

Daily Routine Fitness Hacks To Get You Moving

It happens, sometimes we can’t make it to the gym or get in a killer workout at home, there is just too much going on in our lives. That’s where daily routine fitness hacks come into play as a way to keep you healthy while on the go! Check it out:

Try these fitness hacks

You probably know that you need regular exercise to maintain a fit body and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Many a times we tend to be lazy, doing little physical activity which eventually lands us in a pudgy condition.

An unhealthy lifestyle is the beginning of all problems related to health. Exercising regularly helps you live life healthy and makes you more active.

If you are lamenting the lack of time for physical activity, here are 5 ingenious daily routine fitness hacks to bring exercise into your life. These simple tips can lead to a healthier lifestyle and a life full of joy and happiness.

1. Take the Stairs

A very healthy alternative to taking an escalator or lift is using the stairs. Our sedentary lifestyle has made us completely ignore stairs for the pleasure of taking an escalator. Though what has been practiced for a long cannot be changed in an instant, you can bring the change gradually.

For instance, try to take the elevator at work or shopping mail after climbing at least one-floor using stairs. This way you will ensure that you had some physical activity.

Try to challenge yourself the next time and keep raising the bar!

2. Park the Car Farther Away

When you park your car farther from the store it makes you walk more of course. The big disadvantage of parking your vehicle too close is that you don’t even have the time to walk. Make it a challenge that makes you keep pushing for it.

You can also mark the time that takes for you to reach your vehicle and try to better it every time. A good idea is to park your vehicle at least 1000 feet from the place you want to go to. This way you will cover the distance on foot and have a little exercise for yourself.

Try to push the distance to a maximum of 2000 feet and you will definitely love it. However, be careful to not park the vehicle too far away or you might lose it.

3. Play with Kids

A fun activity to do is to play with your kids. The outdoor games that kids play are fun and will make you sweat.

The short bursts of running and sudden stops are all exciting to do.

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4. Do the Speed Walk

One of the great daily routine fitness hacks is speed walking. A good thing to do when running your errands is to speed walk so that you burn some calories and maintain a good physique.

The biggest advantage of speed walking is that you will finish your errands fast and also squeeze in a little workout.

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Also, when you speed walk, be sure to take short bursts of the high-speed walk as well. Alternate the high-speed walk with the regular walk and you’ll get a great workout in quickly.

5. Short Bursts of Exercise

Whenever you are watching TV and a commercial kick in, try not to waste time and do some quick exercises that will make you feel refreshed. The advantage of working out in short bursts is that you will feel more refreshed and active when you hit the floor for your subsequent short burst workouts.

Exercises like push-ups, squats, and lunges do not require any equipment and can be done at home. You will have a wonderful feeling after having to squeeze in a 5 or 10-minute commercial workout.

Get on the floor, layout an exercise mat, and start stretching or flexing your muscles.


When it comes to daily routine fitness hacks, they aren’t complicated or incredibly hard to implement.

It simply takes some ingenuity and desire to kick the crap out of your fitness goals no matter where you are!

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