5 DIY Tips for an Awesome Morning Running Routine

Going for a Morning Run? Try These 5 Tips Out

Many people think that to get in shape, they must hire an expensive professional trainer or invest in some really pricey gear. But everyone can enjoy a morning run on a regular basis. However, some people don’t run because they think it’s a complicated process! Fortunately, a morning run is one of the easiest ways to stay fit and there are several DIY tips you can do to ensure an amazing run.

Here are 5 DIY tips to make your morning run awesome

1. Use a DIY natural deodorant

Whether you run alone or with a running buddy, you want to make sure that you smell good. To be sure that you are staying healthy all-round, you may want to consider the idea of using a natural deodorant made from safe and healthy ingredients.

Because you will most likely sweat on your run, your body soaks up chemicals from normal deodorants which means that you are taking in harmful ingredients. A natural deodorant definitely belongs in every runner’s running preparation.

2. Pre-Workout Foodrun, running, motivation, wellness, exercise

It’s important to get some kind of nutrition before going on your run. Bananas, protein bars, or oats are ideal because they are light enough so that you can run without feeling full, but they also provide you with energy-boosting strength, which is always needed for a good run. Anything with potassium, protein benefits, or that can provide you with energy is an excellent way to begin your day and get you ready for your run.

Make sure that whatever you eat isn’t heavy on your stomach or won’t make you feel like using the restroom while on your run. Most people also believe that drinking coffee before a workout should be avoided, but it might be surprisingly beneficial.

3. Use some type of reflective accessory

Having an amazing morning run also means having a safe morning run. If you plan to run in an area that has intersections and cars passing, you should make sure to wear some type of reflective gear. This will keep you visible, especially if you go out when it’s still somewhat dark.

Whether you make your own DIY reflective accessory or go ahead and buy a reflective vest or pack, it’s one of the best accessories that a runner can invest in.

4. Get a good night’s sleep

Going on a run in the early morning is a great way to get a good start on your day, but running after a rough night of sleep can be very challenging. The best runs are typically up to around 50 minutes, as the rhythm starts to feel good around the 30-minute mark. Can you imagine trying to get an hour-long morning run-in if you haven’t slept well the night before? It will be a challenge and not very good for you.

Some tips for being able to go to sleep early are:

  • Read a book instead of watching T.V. before sleeping. This will help you to shut your mind off before getting to bed. Plus you avoid the white light of the T.V. which has been shown to affect sleep and can even be a factor in insomnia. Reading a book not only helps you feel sleepy, but it’s also good for the brain. Who doesn’t like a brain boost!
  • Drink some tea, preferably some type of sleep-time tea (non-caffeinated). This will help to calm your nerves and body and should be extremely helpful in getting you to sleep.
  • As difficult as it may be, do something to distract your mind from things that are worrying you. We often stay up late thinking about problems and giving into stress. If it helps you, try some meditation practices before bed.

5. Choose an inspiring or scenic route

having something beautiful or inspiring to focus on helps you to enjoy and appreciate your run. If you live near a pretty park or near a forest trail, you may want to consider making that your running route. This will help you to have something to look forward to more than just your run.

Even if you have to drive a bit to get to your favorite scenic route, it will be worth it. Sometimes people aren’t able to run as long as they want or don’t feel like going because they have yet to find a nice place that feels good, inspires, and is visually pleasing.

When choosing your route, always make sure to choose an area that is populated and you may even want to let someone know where you are going. It’s better to be safe.


Keep in mind these 5 DIY tips to make your morning run awesome. Don’t forget: they are just a way for you to get started. There are many things that you can do to have an amazing run before work every morning. It doesn’t have to be a complicated process. As you get in the habit of sleeping well, eating well, and looking for new places to run, you will find that running is an enjoyable experience and also a life-changing one.

Whether you choose to join a gym to be able to run come rain or shine or you find an amazing ocean-side route, when you make running a lifestyle choice and not just a hobby, it is a decision that you will never regret. Stay healthy. Happy running!

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