5 Easy Tips for Fitness Success

Easy Exercise Tips for Getting Results

Today’s expert author is a good friend of mine – she is a top-notch trainer who developed: FierceFIT. I dig her fitness philosophy which mirrors what we do here at DIY Active. Check out her article on exercise tips and ways to take your fitness to the next level with simple exercise tips!

Fitness Tips To Improve Your Life

Mother – Wife – Aunt – Care Giver – Best Friend. These are only a few of the many faces women wear every day. Life can take over sometimes and it seems like our fitness/health/well-being gets put on the backburner.

This is how women operate. Women take care of others before themselves.

I love to learn about a woman’s daily activities, and then create an individualized weight loss program that suits YOU. Following are 5 tips to becoming the FierceFIT you want to be –

1. Value Yourself

You are the most important person. If you are not at your best then no one around you is going to be their best. This is hard to grasp at first. Does this require you to be selfish? Somewhat, yes. As you give, give, give each and every day, remember to create time for yourself and let nothing get in the way of that.

You should have your weekly workouts scheduled and then at least 20 minutes of activity on the other days.

When life comes at you, YOU are your weapon of choice. Be prepared for it.

Examples of 20-minute activities to squeeze into your crazy schedule:

  • Kids are you at practice 4 nights a week? No problem, walk around the field or court during practice (time saver!)
  • Create a 10-minute walk to and from work every day (this will really add up for you!)
  • Wake up 20 minutes earlier each day and walk the dog. Now you don’t lose evening time with the family. Done!

2. Gain Confidence in Every Workout

You should leave your workout feeling great, energized, loosened up, and ready to take on the rest of the day!

If you leave there dreading the rest of the day because you can’t walk and you feel like you’re going to puke, it is likely you are not going continue your workouts consistently. Exercise to stimulate, not annihilate.

Consistency is the key. Consistently stimulate your muscles and create healthy choices, and you will find excellent results.

Exercise TipsBy the way, the scale is not your friend. Your body weight on the scale can fluctuate hourly and has to do with many reasons other than fat and muscle.

Are you hydrated? Did you just exercise?

Have you gained muscle mass in your workouts as well as lose body fat? (I hope so) The scale can be used as an excellent tool. But if it is controlling your attitude and anxiety each day then get off of the scale!! Gauge your results by how you feel, look and fit into that pair of jeans.

3. Create Significance

Why are you exercising? While the consensus is usually to lose weight, find more of a reason. Do you want to fit into that dress in 5 months? Do you want to be able to play with your grandchildren in 10 years?

Do you want to perform better at a specific sport or activity? Maybe you have the high school reunion coming up. Whatever it is, find significance to WHY you want to work out.

This will help you stay on track and have an outcome goal in mind. Work towards that goal until it is complete then move on to the next.

4. Do Not Overcommit – Be Realistic

It would be great to say you are going to hit the gym every night for the next month. When, in fact, you have parent/teacher meetings to attend, church dinners to make, and not to mention running the kids around each night.

Create a realistic goal. For example, “I commit to getting in the gym 3 days a week.” If something comes up, you can regroup and schedule your work out for a different night and still hit your realistic goal.

5. Do Your Part Outside of the Gym

If you exercise 3 days a week that is 3 hours out of 168 hours of the week. What are you doing those other 165 hours? Commit to getting a sufficient amount of sleep.

Commit to creating a healthy grocery list and sticking to it (no hitting the frozen dinner or chips aisle). Commit to limiting fast food intake to 4 times a week – then 2 times a week – then eventually not at all. Commit to being a healthy role model for your kids.

I am telling you right now they do not know any different until you SHOW them. Do not relate McDonald’s happy meal as a reward. Instead, maybe relate frozen yogurt as a fun treat. I do not want to see one more overweight child, because it is not their fault. You set the rules. Those rules are passed on from generation to generation.

And because I always like to give a little extra, here is number 6:

6. Money

Do not let money be your obstacle to living a healthier lifestyle. You need to give yourself permission to invest in yourself.

I challenge you to take a hard look at where you can cut corners in your budget to possibly allow yourself to be a healthier you.

Expect to pay more at the grocery store for healthier food choices. Spend your money upfront making healthy food purchases, and you’re likely to see less illness and less cost at the doctors’ office.

If you need guidance to put you on the right track for a healthier lifestyle, invest in a personal trainer or organized exercise program.


You visit the doctor when you’re sick. You consult with an accountant for financial advice. You pay someone to file your taxes. You pay for lessons for your children.

Give yourself permission to invest in YOUR fitness/health/well-being. Not just for yourself, but also for the other people in your life.

How do you become FierceFIT? Decide……Commit……Succeed!

[Nothing better than actionable exercise tips to help us all become fit! If you are in her area check out the California Fitness Academy and the FierceFIT movement that’s going on there! Thanks again for the exercise tips!]
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