5 Hacks to Build Muscle Faster

Hacks to Build Muscle Faster

Most of us have, at some point, felt our workout routines hit a plateau. We’re working as hard as ever, but the results aren’t showing. We want to build muscle faster, but not much seems to be happening, or we’ve got a specific goal in mind, and we’re struggling to hit it. When you stop seeing or feeling the results of your hard work, it can be easy to give up or to lose motivation.

How Do I Build Muscle Faster?

  1. Don’t Head Straight into a Workout
  2. Eat More Protein
  3. Spend More Time on Full Body Exercises
  4. Rest and Recover
  5. Don’t Forget Cardio

While the best way to build muscle is to do it slowly and steadily, with sustained programs of exercise, good eating habits, and a well-balanced lifestyle, this isn’t always ideal. Sometimes you need to bulk up quickly, to keep motivation high, or to push past that point that you seem to be stuck at.

If you feel as though you are working hard, but not seeing the results as fast as you would like, here are some fantastic hacks to help you to build muscle faster.

1. Don’t Head Straight into a Workout

Most of us head straight to the gym or weight room and start lifting with very little preparation. This means that your body isn’t prepared for your workout, and you won’t get as much out of it as you should.

Yes, your pre-workout should include some basic stretches and warm-up exercises, but pre-workout nutrition is also important for bulking up quickly.

A pre-workout supplement with Citrulline Malate, Beta-Alanine, caffeine, and testosterone support complex will boost your energy levels and improve your performance, helping you to work harder for longer, and see improved results.

2. Eat More Protein

You might already be familiar with the idea of using protein powders, and whey protein especially, to help you to build more muscle. While these supplements can be useful, they certainly aren’t the only way to increase the protein in your diet.

5 Hacks to Build Muscle Faster TodayProtein is the building block of your muscles. Eating plenty of protein can help you to build muscles and increase muscle mass.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t eat carbs or even fat. Nor do you need to increase your protein intake massively. Get enough protein with foods like oats, eggs, lean meats, and dairy.

3. Spend More Time on Full Body Exercises

If you want to build muscle quickly, don’t spend too much time focusing on specific areas of your body, or exercises that only work for one muscle group.

Instead, spend more time on exercises that work your whole body, or at least multiple muscle groups.

Exercises like kettlebell swings, dips, burpees, pull-ups, deadlifts, and farmer’s walks could help you to grow muscle fast.

4. Rest and Recover

When trying to build muscle, you might be tempted to work out every day. But actually, you are usually better off hitting the weights and strength training 3-4 days a week but working out hard when you do.

Use the other days to either cross-train with cardio, practice flexibility with stretching, or just rest.

Your body needs this recovery time to perform at its best. Other ways to boost both recovery and muscle in this rest time include taking power naps, which reduce stress and increase your body’s anabolic response, increasing growth hormone production, and taking cold showers.

This can boost circulation, energizing you and increasing mental strength, which could boost your performance the next time you lift.

5. Don’t Forget Cardio

Cardio doesn’t build muscle in the same way as strength training, but it does improve your cardiovascular health, increase your stamina, and boost your mental strength – all of which will enhance your strength training performance and give you the tools that you need to bulk up quickly.


If you want to build muscle faster, the key is often balance. Take care of yourself, rest, practice a well-balanced fitness plan, and push yourself hard when you do work out.

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