5 Unique Fitness Hacks for a Fab and Fit 2021

5 Unique Fitness Hacks for a Fab and Fit 2021

Unique Fitness Hacks for 2021

As much as we all like to get to the gym every day or work out every day, life gets in the way. The year 2020 couldn’t have been more obvious with that phrase. It could be the bad weather, a last-minute meeting, your child is sick, or it could also be you that just don’t feel like it.

Try these unique fitness hacks

Whatever the reasons may be, there are unique fitness hacks you can do to get your workout on. Here are some of these ways.

1. Don’t beat yourself up over it

It’s only human nature to want to break your workout routine once in a while. Mental health is essential, so if you skipped working out today, that’s okay.

Sometimes, we get stuck in a rut, but always talk to ourselves, and remember the other work we’ve put in before this. As much as you don’t feel like it today, make sure you mentally prep yourself to work out tomorrow.

2. Work out with your toddler

If you have a toddler, you can use them as your ‘weights.’ At home, carry your toddler as you do lunges, or place them in a stroller and go for slow jogs or walks. Place your toddler on the floor mat or exercise mat, and do your push-ups over them.

Every time you go down, kiss them. This helps you bond with your baby while getting your workout done.

3. Subscribe to a workout plan you love

More often than not, when we like something, the chances of us sticking to it are higher. Staying fit and being fit isn’t all about going to the gym and carrying weights. The idea here is to find something that works for you.

There are many workouts out there that you can try, such as the old school new body by Lean on Life, targeted toward those above 40 years old. Then, there’s also subscribing to YouTube videos or workout apps that enable you to work out at home.

Why not join a hip-hop dance class or a Zumba class if you’re more music-oriented? You don’t lose anything (except fats) when you try a new workout you’ve never done before.

4. Use leftovers to make smoothies

Fitness isn’t about just what you do. It’s also about what you eat. If you find yourself lacking in nutrients and minerals from vegetables, one of the best ways to consume your fruits and veggies is by juicing them.

A portable juicer is a great way to drink your juices on the go. You can sip while on your morning commute or while picking the kids up from school.

5. Buy a skipping rope

One of the best things to get for days when you just don’t feel like it is a skipping rope. It not only conditions the body, but it also doubles up as a cardio element.

If you’re too lazy to exercise, just grab the skipping rope and apply the F4X rule, which is just 4 minutes of skipping. This can eventually turn into a 10-minute, 15-minute, or even 30-minute workout.


Are you ready to give these unique fitness hacks a try in 2021? It’s just right around the corner. Get started today!