7 Simple Ways to Increase Your Brain Power

Let’s Increase Your Brain Power

Do you forget stuff all the time? Yeah… me too! It happens, but are there ways to improve your cognitive ability? Can you actually increase your brain power? Try these tips to help you become the brainiac we know you are!

How can you increase your brain power?

It seems everyone is worried about getting “cut” or shrinking their waistline and not about their mental health.

We should not only engage in healthy eating and exercise to help tone our body but also keep in mind the importance of achieving a sound mental state. The truth is that you can effectively use some of your free time to improve the quality of your life by keeping your brain sharp and vibrant.

Just as physical exercise serves to strengthen your muscles, practice activities that work to strengthen your brain. Let’s become brainiacs!

1. Practice meditation

According to health professionals, chronic stress can be a major threat to your overall health and well-being. Engaging in habits that inhibit the firing of your stress response significantly helps in strengthening and protecting your brain.

A great way to do this is to engage in meditation for at least 30 minutes on a daily basis. Find that inner peace!

2. Exercise

It has been shown that engaging in routine physical exercise is healthy for your brain because it enhances your brain’s cognitive functioning. It can actually help boost memory, learning, and higher thinking by improving existing neurons and stimulating the growth of new neurons.

Also walking outside on a surface with unpredictable terrain is good in improving your balance and coordination.

3. Cognitive training

One of the best ways to increase your brain power is to maintain the elasticity of your brain. Your brain is bound to shift constantly in the course of your lifetime, and this is what commonly referred to as brain’s elasticity.

To protect and improve your brain’s elasticity, ensure you constantly engage in cognitive training exercises that work to challenge your intellectual capacity. Some of the commonly used cognitive training exercises include learning a new language, juggling, or playing chess.

Also, you can use cognitive-enhancing products such as cogniflexin to boost your brain power.

4. Sleep on it

Adequate, quality sleep is the commonly recommended way to deal with numerous health complications.

During sleep, your body is at rest, and your brain uses this time to connect various activities that you engaged in during the day – aka making memories. Lack of adequate and quality sleep inhibits this operation.

This significantly affects your memory, cognitive skills, and ability to communicate – seriously… make sleep a priority!

5. Practice deep listening

Firing of neurons and the functioning of your synapses is very important for your mental health.

These activities are significantly boosted if you engage in activities that require communication. Engaging in deep listening activities such as meditation is crucial in quieting the mind so that the neurons can effectively perform their job.

6. Jog your memory

Storing information is one of the brain’s most important roles. Your brain needs a constant blood supply and circulation to enhance its performance and productivity.

Therefore, engaging in a simple exercise routine is very important to help your heart beat a little faster to improve the blood flow and circulation in your brain.

7. Quit multitasking

Most people engage in multiple activities at a time without thinking how it can be hampering your brains production. Multitasking is a significant brain depletion agent.

For instance, have you ever forget what you were doing when juggling 4-5 tasks at a time? Yeah, exactly! Therefore, engaging in many activities at the same time can make you forget some of the activities you are actually performing.


The health of your brain should be among your top priorities.

Therefore, you should engage in lifestyle habits that serve to protect and improve the quality of your health. It may also be appropriate to use some brain enhancement supplements but should be used under professional guidance.

Proper brain functioning is very important regardless of your age so go out there and start treating your mind right!


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