7 Ways to Wake Up Early Without Feeling Tired

Let’s Wake Up Early

It sure is hard to wake up early… I mean the bed is so comfortable and cozy, it’s like pulling teeth to get you out of it. Not anymore! Check out this expert’s advice as she helps us wake up early and be more productive!

Find it hard to wake up early?

The morning is the most productive time for most people, but if you wake up feeling tired you will not only fail to do anything productive, but you will also end up having a terrible day.

Most people assume that the length of time you spend sleeping is what determines how you wake up, but this is not necessarily true.

Research proves that what you do before going to bed, your sleep cycle, and what you do in the morning will all determine whether you wake up feeling tired or not.

If you are wondering what you can do to ensure you wake up early without feeling tired here are seven tips that will help you out.

Prepare for a good night’s sleep

1. Avoid Caffeine/Alcohol A Few Hours Before Bed

7 Ways To Wake Up Early Without Feeling TiredThat one last cup of coffee that you take every night before bed or that glass of wine that you cannot go to sleep without having may be the reason behind your sleeping woes. Caffeine and alcohol are bad for sleep, and so the best thing is to avoid them a few hours before bed.

These beverages will interfere with your digestive system and hence prevent you from falling into an intense and energizing sleep, and so you are likely to wake up feeling tired.

2. Block Out the Noise

The roaring traffic and the sound of the police and ambulance sirens will not only prevent you from enjoying a restful sleep, but recent research finding shows that they will shorten your life. These noises have an effect on your heart, and if you keep waking up at night, you will interfere with your sleep cycle and subject your body to a lot of stress.

Earplugs for blocking out noise will come in handy, and the good thing is that some unique types will only keep out specific types of noise and so you can still hear a baby monitor or your alarm.

3. Organize Your Bed

Organizing your bedroom is an important part of ensuring that you get an energizing and refreshing sleep. Whether you use the Feng Shui principles or anything else that you believe in, just make sure everything in the room from the colors to the position of the bed works for you.

Also, make sure that you concentrate more on organizing your bed by having some silky soft sheets, a comfortable pillow to support your head, and also get rid of any foreign things that do not aid your sleep such as electronics and pets.

4. Avoid Big Meals Right Before Bed

Most people always rush home after work, cook up their dinner and go to bed immediately after the food. Given the fact that you come back from work feeling starved you are more likely to have a big meal just before bed.

However, this is not a good idea because you should always have a few hours between your meals and sleep so that your body can have enough time for digestion. Also, note that everything slows down when you sleep and so that big meal will take a long time to get digested and this means that it will take longer for you to fall asleep.

If you must have something before going to bed, just snack on something light that is also not full of proteins and sugar to make digestion easy for the body.

In The Morning

What you do in the morning can also determine whether you start the day feeling tired or not. And so to ensure that you feel energized and refreshed you should always do the following when you wake up.

5. Drink A Glass Of Water

Water is the fuel that runs your body, and when sleeping for eight hours, you will only be using it up without replenishing the body’s reserves. And so even if you do not feel like it, your body is dehydrated in the morning, and so you should always take a cold glass of water once you step out of the bed. Water has many health benefits and having a glass every morning before breakfast is vital because it will help to kick start your metabolism.

Hot drinks are also essential, but you should avoid taking coffee each morning because the body gets accustomed to the caffeine and so after some time you will have to drink lots of it to achieve the same effect.

6. Exercise

You will not always wake up feeling tired, but the sense of alertness can fade away if you do not nurture it. Exercising is one of the most effective ways to do this, and so you should come up with an exercise routine that works for you. You do not have to do intense workouts because even a ten-minute jog is very efficient in enhancing your mood and giving you high levels of concentration and focus.

However, always concentrate on doing exercises that are achievable with your current state of fitness and also your daily schedule because if you set the bar too high you may end up feeling disappointed and this will cause more harm than good.

7. Do Something Happy and Exciting

Anxiety and stress always feel worse in the morning, and this is one of the reasons why people feel lethargic and tired in the morning. If the exercises that you do are not effective in lifting your spirit, you should always do something that is exciting and will make you happy. One way to do this is to plan for future events such as anniversaries and birthdays and imagine how amazing they will be as this will raise your levels of excitement.

You can also do other things such as yoga, meditation, or write a few pages of your book if this makes you happy.


These seven tips are very effective, and if you implement them, you can be confident of always feeling energized every morning regardless of how early you wake.

Keep in mind that if you want to wake up early without feeling tired, you have to concentrate more on the quality of sleep and not how long you are in bed. Also, make these seven tips part of your daily routine because this is the only way to get maximum benefits from them.

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