Alicia Marie: Achieve Curves You Won’t Want to Cover Up

The Curves You Want with Alicia Marie

Who better to get an amazing curves workout than Alicia Marie? Give this expert workout a try and start achieving curves you won’t want to cover up!

Alicia Marie and your go-to workout

alicia marie achieve curves you-wont-cover-upAlicia Marie, TipTalk expert, author of The Booty Bible, co-creator of the 30 Day Butt Lift, celebrity trainer, fitness coach on MTV’s MADE, and internationally recognized fitness supermodel, has quick, simple, and fun workouts that anyone can crush to achieve curves you won’t want to cover up.

Alicia Marie has graced the cover of dozens of magazines and was named the No. 1 fitness model in the world by Muscle & Fitness Magazine.

Through her books, videos, and massive social media following, she’s inspired thousands of people to get their butts in gear to transform their rears. Below are abdominal exercises handpicked by Alicia Marie that specifically target the deepest muscles of the core for the perfect set of superhero abs

Below are abdominal exercises handpicked by Alicia Marie that specifically target the deepest muscles of the core, also referred to as the “inner corset.”

So instead of throwing money away on a waist trainer, you found on Instagram, try out these simple, yet effective, exercises for the perfect set of superhero abs.

Lying Bicycle (Gold Standard of Abdominal Moves!)

This move is one of, if not THE, “gold standard” of abdominal moves in that if it is performed correctly, you will be targeting all areas of your abdominals and core for a tinier, tighter waistline.

Equipment needed: Mat or soft flooring

How to: Lie on your back on a mat, placing both hands at the base of your head to lightly support your head and neck (do NOT “yank”). In one continuous motion, bring one knee up to your chest and crunch up angling the opposite elbow towards that knee. Without pausing, alternate bringing the other elbow up and toward the other knee.  Perform this move in a fluid continuous motion without pausing. Count 10 reps on each side. Rest and then begin again.

TIPS: Do not “yank” or turn your head. This move is done by the abdominals, not your neck. Crunch up as much as you can throughout the start and finish. Extend your leg completely, don’t just “cycle” your feet.

V-ups off bench

Equipment needed: Gym “lifting” bench, sturdy chair or couch edge

How to: Sit on the edge of a bench or sturdy surface with your feet placed on the floor in front of you. Grip the sides of the bench/chair and lean slightly back, balancing a bit (check out these ultimate guides to grip strength). Tightening your core for balance, lift your feet off the floor, and bring your knees and upper body in towards each other simultaneously. Take your time and breathe. Complete 10 reps for a total of four sets.

Fitness Ball “Roll-ups” (BONUS: upper body workout!)

This is one of my favorite moves in that it challenges the core and BONUS you get upper body strength from the stabilizing push-up position (isometrics)!

Equipment needed: Inflatable fitness ball

Tip: The size of the ball depends on the user’s personal height. The taller you are or the longer your arms, the larger the ball can be in circumference. Ideally, you want your body to be a straight horizontal line when in position.

How to: Hold in a high plank position. Facing downwards, put one lower leg and top of the foot on the ball and repeat with the other. Hold that position until you feel stable. Tighten your core making sure you don’t allow your midsection to “sink” down toward the floor. Draw your knees in, rolling the ball slowly toward your chest. Hold for one beat then slowly extend your legs back to start. Repeat using slow, controlled movements.

Standing twist and alternate knee raise

Equipment needed: Weight plate or ball

How to: Stand up straight with your feet placed a little more than shoulder-width apart and with a 10-15 pound weight plate in your hands, square in front of the torso. With your pelvis tucked under, twist your torso to the right bringing your right knee up toward the weight. Contract your abdominals and twist your torso back to center, returning your foot to the floor. Complete 15 “standing twist crunches” per side, then change sides for a total of 3 sets. Finish all reps on one side before beginning reps on the other.

Plank twist corkscrew

Equipment needed: Mat or soft flooring

How to: Hold in a low plank position, keeping your core muscles tight and your forearms flat. Slowly rotate your hips to one side, being sure not to drop them to the floor, then rotate your hips back to the center. With your core muscles still engaged, rotate to the opposite side. Alternate back and forth slowly completing five reps on each side for a total of four sets.


With this awesome workout from one of the top fitness trainers in the world, you can’t go wrong!

It’s time to start taking control of your health with this famous Alicia Marie workout!

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