Awesome Morning Stretches to Help You Wake Up

Wake Up With These Morning Stretches

Looking for a great, easy way to energize each morning? In unison with a morning exercise routine, give these morning stretches a try to help increase your flexibility, mood, focus, and your energy! Sounds pretty great for only a few minutes each morning, right?

Get up, stretch and wake up

While it may not have initially crossed your mind, doing stretches when you first wake up in the morning can be the perfect way to start your day for a number of reasons.

You will be astounded by how much these routines will help you by energizing your body and mind.

It’s important to note that if you are performing these stretches upon exiting the shower, you should be much more careful due to the tenderness of your joints.

Here are a few unique morning stretches that will help you start the day off fresh, using all of your muscles (click below to expand):


The Utthita-Parshvakonasana pose, which as weird as it may look, is a great way to stretch all of your muscles and create a sense of energization and balance.

Do this pose for about two minutes on each side.


The Pasana is a simple, and sometimes difficult pose to master. The key here is balance, where you must attempt to get very low to the ground yet not fall over or sit down.

This three-minute pose will help you exercise and stretch the muscles in your back and legs.


The Vriksasana is yet another balancing pose, bringing in the serenity and balance that is needed to refresh the body and mind at the beginning of the day ahead.

Two minutes for each foot should be the perfect length of time for this pose.


As a more relaxing pose, the Ardha-Matsyendrasana is a pose that combines elements of leg, arm, and back muscle stretches in a peaceful position.

This pose is a great way to stimulate the brain and relax the body.


The Bhujangasana pose is one of the perfect mornings stretches to start the day off fresh. This pose allows fluids in your back to move more freely, and reverse the effects of sleeping oddly on your back causing pain.

Doing this pose daily for about 3-5 minutes can help increase your overall well-being

Supta Virasana

Finally, the Supta Virasana pose is arguably the most difficult of the bunch. This pose requires you to bend your legs back while lying face-up on the ground. To accomplish this, start by lying face-down on the ground and slowly make your way to a face-up position by lifting your body in a straight motion, leaving your feet where they are the whole time.

Hold this for about three minutes to acquire its full potential.


Through the use of these yoga poses/morning stretches first thing in the morning, one can gain the energy and serenity that will bring them a great feeling throughout the day. Poses such as these ones have tons of benefits that will start to show the more your practice and accomplish them. These benefits include:

Increased Strength: Yoga can increase your strength, resulting in you lifting heavier loads during the day

Perfects your posture: As your chiropractor may have mentioned, fixing your posture is absolutely key to ensuring that back pain ends. Yoga is a perfect solution to such a taxing problem.

Increased cardiac health: Moving the blood around your body and dropping blood pressure are two miracle effects of yoga and are great for anyone who has any cardiac issues, or even if they don’t).

Finally, it makes you happier.

Yes, Yoga is proven to make you happier and healthier, allowing you to enjoy all the aspects of your day without hesitation.

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