Best Resistance Band Exercises You Can Do At Home

Best Resistance Band Exercises You Can Do At Home

With the shutdowns still going on in some areas, we wanted to take some time to show you some of the best resistance band exercises you can do at home or pretty much anywhere!

Best Resistance Band Exercises

Lat Pulldowns

Best Resistance Band Exercises You Can Do At Home Lat Pulldowns

  1. Hold the resistance band above your head
  2. Pull the resistance band behind your head while bending at the elbows
  3. Then return to the starting position
  4. You should feel engagement in your lat muscles

Tricep Openers

  1. Lock your elbows into the groove of your hips
  2. Hold the resistance band with fists facing up
  3. Start with your hands in front of you
  4. While keeping your elbows pinned to your body, bring your hands out to your sides
  5. Return to the starting position

Wall Flys

  1. Stand in front of a wall with knees slightly bent and your weight on your heels
  2. With the arm at shoulder length, hold one end of the resistance band to the wall
  3. With the other hand, take the other end of the band and make a “fly” motion
  4. Switch sides when ready

Push Outs

  1. Lie in a supine position
  2. Take one end of the band in each hand
  3. Place the loop of your band around the soles of your feet
  4. Remain in a table-top position
  5. Push out with your legs
  6. Then return to table-top
  7. Be sure to keep your tailbone on the mat for the entire exercise
  8. Add resistance as needed by making the band more taught
  9. Ankle weights can also be worn to progress the exercise


  1. Stand tall
  2. Hold the band in a diagonal position across the body
  3. Make sure your wrists remain in alignment with the rest of your arm during this exercise
  4. Begin with fists a few inches apart
  5. Using your upper body, evenly bring your arms away from each other
  6. Then come back to the original, starting position


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