Beyond Body Book Review: Kickstart Your Wellness Journey

Beyond Body The Best Pick to Kickstart Your Wellness Journey

Can Beyond Body Kickstart Your Wellness Journey?

By Josh Anderson | Updated March 19th, 2023

There are many wellness and fitness programs out there, but they do not all deliver quality results and long-term well-being. However, there is one product that seems to be very promising in its take on wellness. All based on the results from a short quiz. It’s Beyond Body! Let’s dive in.

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Beyond Body Review: Personalized Diet Plan

More than 200,000 happy clients from 70 countries.

Beyond Body personalizes each book according to the quiz answers you take to get a personalized book before the purchase.

So, let’s delve deep into it and explore what makes it so unique and why it should be put on your list to check out.

Here’s our Beyond Body review:

What is Beyond Body?

For starters, Beyond Body is a personalized wellness and fitness book built to help people who seek reliable methods for reaching optimal well-being.

This book aims to provide you with all the essentials needed to achieve your health goals and start feeling good in your own skin. This is ensured by thoroughly prepared and customized nutrition, fitness, and habit-building programs.

Needless to say, each copy of this book is truly personalized as it will be created according to your dietary preferences, lifestyle choices, and physical capabilities.

In that sense, Beyond Body is like a practical guidebook that can lead to lifelong healthy habits and a sustainable lifestyle without you losing your mind. We get it, getting healthy can be hard!

How Does Beyond Body Work?

Each Beyond Body book contains a 28-day meal plan made of your preferred foods to ensure not only your success towards optimal well-being but the enjoyment of eating healthy.

So, you will be encouraged here to feel free to combine your favorite ingredients as much as you want.

On top of that, due to Beyond Body’s personalized, thorough approach,  you will be provided with healthy cooking guidelines in order to reduce any cooking confusion. You know what I’m talking about… Those stupid hard recipe instructions with ingredients no one has in their cabinet. This takes away that confusion!

Just like a personalized meal plan, your workout routine will be prepared similarly too.

Both the training guide and workout plan will be created according to your quiz answers. So, each book’s workouts are generated to assist you in achieving your fitness goals.

Apart from meals, workouts, and quizzes, this book covers other wellness essentials such as well-being, sleeping impact (get plenty of shut-eye), mindfulness, stress relief techniques, healthy living, and achieving the mythical work-life balance.

Beyond Body Review: Are There Meal Plans?

Beyond Body is the opposite of traditional weight loss programs that require you to make a radical dietary transformation, stock your fridge with exotic and expensive ingredients and basically hurry in becoming a new person.

Beyond Body’s take on healthy eating is more about making it less expensive and complicated.

That’s why you will find there an extremely flexible meal plan focused on ingredients, not dishes. For each meal of the day, you will get to choose from several substitutes and alternatives to try different combinations and find what works for you the best.

The overall goal of the Beyond Body meal plan is to encourage you to live healthily and choose foods that enhance your overall well-being.

Beyond Body’s 28-day meal plan will help you to become a healthy eating Masterchef capable of cooking for yourself and choosing healthy meals.

Beyond Body Review: What is the Training Plan Like?

You know that a healthy weight has a lot to do with healthy nutrition, and it obviously has a lot to do with exercise.

Staying active can boost your mood, regulate your blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and improve your metabolism leading you to look fit and fabulous.

To achieve that, Beyond Body provides an entirely personalized 28-day workout plan based on the activity level you submit during the onboarding quiz. The workouts begin with a warmup and then roll into cardio and/or strength training workout sessions. They finish up with some stretching exercises to cool down.

You will find in the books a dedicated chapter about LISS (low-intensity steady-state cardio) workouts as well. You will be allowed to choose from numerous options like walking, cycling, running, swimming, or roller skating. The only thing you will need to do is to select your favorite activity and get started.

Apart from the workout plan, you will also be given a Beyond Body training guide covering all necessary things like how to breathe properly, staying on course, motivation, and how to read your body signals.

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Beyond Body and Dealing With Food Allergies

Beyond Body is a friendly option even if you’re dealing with health conditions, food intolerances, or allergies.

The personalized books will take into account your health-related problems and offer you suggestions on dealing with diabetes, gallstones, celiac disease, anemia, high cholesterol, GERD, IBS, gastritis, lactose or gluten intolerance, tree nut allergies, and peanut allergies.

Another perk is that the book also gives you easy-to-make-tested recipes to take care of your body in case you have some issues with your skin or hair.

Wellness and Sustainability

Reducing your daily calorie intake by forcing yourself to ditch sugar-rich soda, candies, and junk food might seem like an option if you seek a healthy weight.

That might sound reasonable for many of us, but somehow we tend to fail when there’s a need to actually take decisive action.

Why is that?

Since humans are creatures of habit, making even simple changes in our daily routines can be difficult.

That’s why Beyond Body will provide you with meticulously prepared unique daily routines and methods that will assist you in developing healthier habits and keeping them long-term.

The Beyond Body books can help you shift to a healthier lifestyle at a regular pace, making the whole process smooth with each new practice included in your routine.

Beyond Body Book Section by Section Breakdown

Review by Danielle M.

We asked Danielle to dive into the 285-page book to give her takeaways from each chapter. 285 pages can be very intimidating with information overload so we wanted to provide first-hand takeaways from someone just jumping into Beyond Body.

Chapters 1 & 2: Introduction & YOU

After a quick introduction to the layout of the book in Chapter 1 (Introduction), the second chapter is titled: YOU.

As the chapter title suggests, this section is all about the reader, me. For me, most of this knowledge was not new as I consider myself fairly knowledgeable in the subject of health and fitness. With that said, I believe the book does a great job explaining BMI, identifying mine, and giving a visual table for comparison.

I specifically liked the part that suggested how to dress for your unique body part. For me, the “to wear” and “to avoid” section was great. This section also identifies the reader’s work schedule and offers tips on how to stay on track with both sleep and diet according to your work shift.

I thought it identified real-life barriers, such as when your friends/family pressure you to eat out of your suggested routine and even switching up when you have breakfast so you don’t entirely miss out on your social life. To me, this makes following the plan/changing your lifestyle realistic and doable.

Sections: Anemia, Gluten, and Bloating

My book has anemia and gluten intolerance information since that is something I deal with. Again, I knew most of the information already but to someone who does not, it was great. With the gluten intolerance section, I was hoping for some recommendations/brand suggestions.

Bloating is another area of concern that my book talks about. What stood out to me here was to reduce and limit carbonated beverages and chewing gum. I never knew that chewing gum could cause bloating. I like that the book explained why. Also, dairy and some vegetables like beans, cabbage, and lentils can cause bloating. It is also suggested to chew your food slowly which, for me, is a forgotten habit of mine.

I like that my book talked in depth about stress, some warning signs, and ways to manage stress. The meditation and breathing techniques described were, again, realistic to be able to incorporate into my life.

Section: Mindfulness and Stress Relief

I really liked the section on mindfulness and stress because it was relatable and offered realistic ways to control and/or manage stress.

I especially liked the part about breathing techniques and doing the right exercise at the right time. I like the 5 lessons under mindfulness: forgiving yourself, learning how to communicate with yourself, choosing the right exercises at the right time, practicing mindfulness, and comparing yourself to others. I liked the mindful walking practice of walking barefoot in the grass as well as mindful cooking, holding each ingredient in your hand and showing it love.

Section: Everything About Sleep

In the section about sleep what stood out to me was the table/graph and the recommended amount of sleep based on your age. I also liked where the book talked about the difference between the quality and quantity of sleep. So true! I would have liked to see more suggestions on a nighttime ritual but I appreciate that it was even mentioned.

In the stress section, I like that warning signs were identified. They included acne, frequent sickness, low libido, digestive issues, and insomnia.

Overall, I thought this part of the book was empowering and definitely relatable/unique to me and my lifestyle.

Chapter: Getting Started

This chapter includes tips and tricks to start and stay on your plan. 

I appreciated the opening part of this section saying that it’s not about a fad diet, but it’s about making healthy changes in a lifestyle. I really think this book sets the reader up for success with that. There are graphs illustrating how our choices affect us long term. In the paragraph that accompanies the graph, we are encouraged to not miss out on social gatherings, but to merely make better choices.

The part where it gives you one-line phrases to use, “I’m stuffed, but this looks delicious” was great. I could see myself using these one-liners in social settings with no hesitation

I appreciate that the book explained the difference between slimming down and losing weight. As most of us know, muscle weighs more than fat!

Chapter: Your Training Guide

This chapter provides an overall view of how to get started with your training guide.

Something else that stood out to me in this section is the recommended caloric intake of a meal (375-415) and a snack (150-165). To me, this is clear and easy to follow on my own.

The signs of dehydration in the water intake part were great. I am not sure if this is in there and I missed it but I think another noteworthy thing on that topic is that when you are hungry, you may actually just be dehydrated.

Cool-downs should include stretching and last for five minutes. I zeroed in on this as an area of improvement for myself.

I also like the part about breathing from your chest versus your belly and the steps to do so:

For proper diaphragmatic breathing, follow these instructions:

  1. Seat yourself in a comfortable position or lay down flat on your back.
  2. Relax your shoulders.
  3. Place one hand on your chest and the other one on your belly.
  4. Breathe in through your nose for about 2 seconds. Allow the air to move from your nostrils to your abdomen, expanding your stomach. During this breathing exercise, make sure you keep your chest relatively still.
  5. Purse your lips (like you’re drinking through a straw), press your hand lightly down on your stomach, and exhale calmly for 2 seconds.

Chapters: Healthy Eating Essentials & Your 28-Day Meal Plan

This section dives into your meal plan, grocery shopping guide, and preparation tips.

This section opened by identifying common mistakes that people make in the kitchen and how to avoid them. It mentioned things like not overcrowding your pan, not using olive oil for everything, and overcooking vegetables.

Next, the book identifies ways to set yourself up for success in the kitchen! Suggestions included using the appropriate storage containers, starting out with simple recipes, and making a list before grocery shopping.

The tips about eating out were great. I liked the suggestion of eating a light nutritious snack an hour before you go out to eat, ordering dressing and sauces on the side (or skipping them altogether!), and asking for a to-go box to prevent overeating. Again, all seemingly small, easy things but they add up in the end.

I also learned about food colors in this section, red, blue, yellow, green, brown, and white.

Examples of superfoods include but are not limited to kale, spinach, avocados, wheat grass, mushroom powder, and pumpkin seeds (I didn’t know pumpkin seeds were a superfood!)

Overall, I found this section slightly confusing to read. However, I did like the graph on the first page of this section. It told me my daily calorie range and then broke it down by meal. This makes it simple for me to follow and/or track. I also like that my meal plan suggested when I should be eating. For example, 30 minutes after waking up, 2-4 hours after eating my breakfast, etc.

I will say there is a lot of variety in my meal which is great! This last part of the book is like a meal plan and a cookbook all in one. This makes me think, maybe sell a separate cook book!

Anyways. I thought this book was wonderful. It was empowering and personal throughout.

I think the meal plan part was too “busy” for me. It was a lot of color and pictures and it just overwhelmed my eyes/brain.

Chapter: Beyond 28 Days

I appreciated that the book acknowledges that this is not going to be a perfect journey. We will miss a meal, eat fast food, skip a workout, or lose a night of sleep.

Chapter: Your Cooking Cheat Sheet

This chapter takes a stab at making cooking and eating healthy, easier with tips on how to cook certain foods, healthy dressings and seasonings, and a conversion chart breakdown on how many grams/ounces are in common kitchen measurements (1 cup, 1 Tbsp, 1 piece…etc.)

I think what the book does a good job of is making the reader feel brave for taking the first step (buying the book), not alone, and that this is a journey. It really sets the reader up for success.

Pros and Cons from Danielle


  • The book is unique to me/the reader
  • The quiz was easy to take on my phone and I thought it was the appropriate length
  • The pictures/graphs
  • The information given wasn’t “over my head”
  • Practical suggestions/tips to use in real life
  • Very encouraging throughout
  • Responsive and helpful support staff


  • For me, the size of the book was overwhelming – maybe have the meal plan be a separate book. But also, I read it all in a shorter period of time so that could be a factor in my opinion as well
  • No place to journal/write

Success Stories

No Beyond Body review would be complete without some testimonials, right? Well, there have been over 200,000 happy customers in 70 countries worldwide! Here are just a few of the reviews:

Mikayla D. went from 220lbs to 180lbs:

“I wanted to lose weight because one of my doctors had told me I needed to get my healthy lifestyle back on track. It was hard to find the right diet because I have various allergies and digestive issues. But now I can definitely say that I’m delighted because I found a fully personalized book for my needs which actually works!”

Angela B. went from 160lbs to 145lbs:

“When I received my book, I was very excited because the recipes, tips, and other information included all contributed to my excitement of continuing my health journey. I wanted to lose weight because I wanted to feel healthier and take charge of my healthy diet, exercise, and habits in the hopes of changing my lifestyle for the better. I highly recommend his program because it’s good to have some structure starting out, and then once you get the tools you need, you can do it all on your own in the long run!”

Get more reviews here.


While many programs fail because they were designed to fit everyone in the same box, Beyond Body’s approach toward wellness is pretty groundbreaking because it’s so foundational to a healthy life. It seems common sense to have a personalized meal and workout plan, right? Programs proven to work are built on body types, allergies, personality models, activity levels, environment, and objectives.

One singular formula doesn’t work – but personalized does.

So, we highly recommend you complete the quiz and decide for yourself if Beyond Body can help you achieve the results you’ve been missing.

The Beyond Body book can help you learn more about yourself and notice your body signals which you didn’t before. Knowledge is power, and this book will supply you with everything to help you succeed in your pursuits towards better health and improved self-esteem.

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