Your Complete Full Body Workout Program For Success

Drop Last Year’s Regrets: Let’s get started

It’s a new year and that can mean a brand new you!

You can take this year by storm and we want to help. No more guesswork or anything like that! Here is a full-body, 4-day exercise program that you can do on repeat for a few months to get you into the groove of exercising – the beauty is that this exercise program can be done at home or at the gym!

Killer Exercise Program

If you commit to following this program you will not only gain muscle, confidence, and energy but you will lose weight (along with proper nutrition) – I promise you that!  The knowledge is getting ready to flow – let’s get started (Complete PDFs below):


The program is set up like a traditional “bodybuilder” split which is really a great way to make sure you work your entire body without leaving any of your muscle groups out!

You will notice that the larger muscles get more of a workout – which makes complete sense considering they are larger (duh) and therefore can burn more calories.

Does it make sense to work a very tiny muscle group for an entire hour but only hitting your quads for 3 sets? Exactly…

The program is broken down over 4 days in which you will be working: Day 1 – legs/core, Day 2 – chest/triceps, Day 3 – shoulders/traps, and Day 4 – back/biceps (with core thrown in throughout). A recommendation would be to perform these workouts on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

For each exercise, you will perform it for 4 sets of 8-12 repetitions with set number 4 being to failure (more on that later). With each successive set, you are adding more weight while slightly decreasing your reps. For example, the weight you do for your sets could be 35/40/45/35 while your reps would be 12/10/8/failure.

If the exercise says “timed” then you are still to perform the 4 sets of that exercise but you need to perform it for at least 30 seconds with proper form doing as many reps as possible (AMRAP) for each set – trust me, it will be “fun”!

Next, we are going to superset the exercises. This means that you are going to basically perform 2 exercises back to back. So the first two exercises listed for that day you will do back to back for 3 sets each and then move on to the 4th set which is the “failure set” or commonly referred to as a burnout set.

For this, you basically grab the weight you started with (the lightest weight of the set) and perform the exercise for as many reps as you possibly can – with proper form. Do that for each exercise listed and you will be toast.

Intensity is the key to this exercise programForm

This is really the key to a great workout and not F’n up your back, joints, muscles…etc. Don’t go out there and throw way too much weight around.

This leads to terrible form – aka the dudes using their entire body to do one bicep curl – that just looks silly and you will eventually hurt yourself.

Bottom line: find the appropriate weight for you that will allow you to get your reps in WHILE STILL BEING DIFFICULT! Even if you use a lighter weight, if you really concentrate on form and squeeze the contraction you will get pumped!


Here comes the “EPOC TALK” from Josh again – I do it because I care! If you truly want to lose weight then the EPOC/afterburn effect should be right up there in your list of priorities.

Basically, we want to work at a high enough intensity to ramp up our metabolism long after the workout is over – I’m talking over 30 hours after the workout is over! I’m not going to go in-depth but for a complete breakdown on the EPOC effect go here.

Bottom line: make sure to move from exercise to exercise (super-setting them) quickly with little to no rest between them – 30 seconds max.

We want you sweating, huffing-and-puffing, your heart pumping, and you torching calories! [Note: as always make sure you are cleared by your physician before beginning any exercise program.]

“Off” Days

Your “off” days are basically the rest days you take between workouts – these days are huge. These days can mean the difference between losing 20 pounds or only losing 5.

They are critical because they allow your body to rest and allow your muscles to grow. Just because you aren’t working out doesn’t mean you can be holding down the couch for 5 straight hours slamming Fantas – we still want to stay active. On your rest days make sure to stay active for at least 45 minutes.

But Josh, this is my rest day I don’t want to get up at all!

That’s basically the attitude of the people who aren’t committed to getting healthy. It’s unbelievable that they don’t want to put in less than 1/24th of their day to improve their health – basically lengthening their life span!

I personally like to walk on the treadmill for 45 minutes watching movies. I’m telling you when you are 45 minutes into The Lion King you really don’t remember that you are still walking, killing calories, and sweating… good flick.

Exercise Program

Below you will find your Success Exercise Program which contains: workout regiment, examples, and a workout log. For an example of bicycles please visit this link. For more help, you can see our Exercise Archive. Click on them below:

Your Success Program Exercises

Your Success Program Log

Extra Help

If you need any help with reaching your goals this year do not hesitate to contact us. We can provide you the help you need via one of our great programs or personal exercise coaching (we can get you set up ASAP)! We just want you to succeed!


Okay, there you go – you now have the exercise program and tools to take charge of your health this year! Commit and give this exercise program a try for 2 months and let us know how far it takes you.

It’s not rocket science – it is just putting in the effort to get the results you’ve never had!

We know you are destined for big things this year – so get started!

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