Let’s Do This Couch Potato Workout!

Couch Potato Workout: Use Your Couch Wisely

Got a couch? Of course, you do, you may be sitting on it now. Well, use that couch to your advantage to build strength and burn calories!

Try the “Couch Potato Workout” next time you have a spare minute; a simple at-home workout that will take you 20 minutes. So if you are surfing the web right now being a couch potato (aka you haven’t left the couch in like 4 hours), get up and try this routine!

Couch Potato Workout – Let’s Go

Pushups (elevated or decline)

You can perform these pushups, either way, to tax your chest differently! The elevated ones are easier and if you still need a modified position, perform the elevated pushups with your knees on the floor, bearing some of your bodyweights!

Couch Potato Workout: Let's Go!


This is a great exercise to work your chest and triceps while providing you with a gauge of your upper body strength! To make them easier, keep your legs closer to you so that they bear more of your body weight!


There are two ways to use your couch to do squats. One is where you lean back and actually go low enough that your butt touches the couch before raising back up (this gives you a gauge on how deep to go). Or if you need a more modified version you can hold on to the couch in front of you taking some of your weight off your knees, making it easier, and helping you balance!


You might want to take your shoes off for this one! User your couch as a platform to perform single-leg step-ups. Just make sure your couch won’t slide or you don’t fall; safety first!

One-legged stationary lunge

Frankly, these can be hard. You may want to perform the first set or two holding a chair for balance. You want to have a far enough stride where your front knee doesn’t protrude far past your front toe! Try to go deep into the lunge but don’t bang your knee on the ground either! Repeat with the other leg as well.


One way to use the couch to work your abs is to tuck your feet under it, giving you some leverage for sit-ups or crunches.

Knee Pull-ins

This is another good exercise for working your abs. Be sure to hold on firmly to the sides of the couch so you don’t slide. Extend your legs all the way out while leaning back. Bring your knees back towards your chest and repeat! It may take a couple of sets to master the balancing aspect of this exercise.

This full-body routine can be difficult but simply amazing. Perform each exercise for 3 sets of 10-15 reps dependent on your fatigue and strength level. Keep it fast and quick and you will burn a bunch of calories while building strength and improving your health!


So the next time you are bumming and being a couch potato think about the ass-kicking workout you could be doing instead; then actually do it.

Put your couch to good use with the couch potato workout!

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