Digestive Health: 10 Simple Exercises for Digestion

Great Tips for Digestive Health

Digestion is essential for our bodies and good digestion is required for good gut health. Indigestion leaves many people feeling stressed and extremely uncomfortable after meals. Also having a weak digestive system can lead to many other digestive health issues such as acidity, gastro, heartburn, bloating, constipation, and other intestinal issues. Our digestive systems are very sensitive and need to be cared for daily.

Digestive health tips

Fortunately, you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on digestion medication and over-the-counter products, you can aid digestion naturally by doing a few exercises.

Exercise helps with pushing digestive waste through your body.

This also reduces intestinal sluggishness and muscle stimulation. By not being active enough, our digestive systems tend to become lazy also. And it can struggle to get rid of the toxins from our bodies.

Apart from exercise being an amazing way to aid in digestion, it’s also a great way to keep fit.

In addition to exercising daily to aid digestion, a healthy and nutritious diet is also required to aid in digestion and avoid major gut health issues.

Avoid unhealthy foods, alcohol, and sugary drinks. These can cause indigestion and other gut health issues. It is also important that you eat either all three meals or five smaller meals.

Skipping meals can cause you to eat larger portions of your next meal, which is one of the major causes of indigestion.

If you are trying to lose weight, it’s also important to improve your digestive system, as this will also aid in weight loss and help you shed off a good few calories.

Let’s look at ten easy and simple exercises that you can do daily to aid in digestion and improve your digestive health:

1. Walking

After a long day of work, it can be tiring to do strenuous exercise, which is why walking is one of the easiest and an effective forms of exercise to aid in digestion. You don’t need to jog or even walk fast.

A short brisk walk for around 15-20 minutes will help in aiding digestion after meals.

2. Deep Breathing

The simplest exercise for aiding indigestion.

Deep breathing not only helps with digestion, but it will also increase your oxygen supply which helps with lowering the stress levels and it has other amazing benefits for your body.

3. Biking

Biking is a fun sport and what makes it even more fantastic is that it’s great for helping with digestion.

Biking allows food to move quickly through the large intestine and decreases the water in the stool. You also only have to ride for around 10-15 minutes a day after meals for it to help in aiding with digestion.

4. Yoga

Most yoga poses actually help with increasing the blood flow through the digestive system. Stretching the muscles during yoga poses promotes digestion.

The deep breathing that’s also involved in yoga will aid in digestion. It’s also recommended to perform yoga twist poses. Twists squeeze our liver, which is our most important detox organ. When we perform these yoga twists, it squeezes the liver which helps us get rid of all the junk and waste in our bodies.

There are also many other stretches in yoga that you can do to aid indigestion. When doing yoga poses, avoid rushing out of them.

Digestive Health 10 Simple Exercises to Aid DigestionTry and keep the pose for as long as possible to get the best results.

Yoga is also a great way to lower your stress levels and increase the blood flow throughout your body – which helps with depression, anxiety, and insomnia.

5. Swimming

There’s no better way to cool down after a long hot summer’s day. What makes swimming even better is that swimming is great for the digestive system.

The movements and activity during swimming help with keeping the digestive tract healthy and functioning properly.

6. Jumping on the Spot

Not in the mood to go for a walk or do any strenuous exercise?

Jumping on the spot will also do the trick and aid indigestion. In addition to just jumping on the spot, you could try other similar exercises such as high knee leg raises, where you kick and raise your legs as high as you can go, and you can also try some butt kicks.

These simple exercises will do wonders for your digestive system and overall well-being.

7. Rope Skipping

Jumping up and down on a skipping rope will not only increase your fitness levels but will also aid in digestion.

Using a skipping rope will also help with defeating constipation. Try and skip for around 10-15 minutes a day.

8. Crunches

Crunches work the abdominal muscles which help with promoting the digestive tract. It aids in digestion and helps the digestive system to function smoothly.

Crunches are also an effective way to burn belly fat. You can try the standard crunches and switch them around to get the most of it. You can try vertical crunches, reverse crunches, and long arm crunches. All of these aid in digestion and have the same benefits.

9. Play Sports

Grab a couple of your friends and play any sport of your choice.

The movement will help with keeping your digestive tract functioning properly. And it’s also a great way to keep fit physically and it will do wonders for your stress levels.

10. Push-Ups and Planks

When doing push-ups and planks, requires abdominal strength, which also improves digestion and the digestive tract.

These exercises will not only strengthen your digestive system but also your physical well-being.


Maintaining good gut health and keeping your digestive system healthy doesn’t require hours a day training at the gym.

You can pick a few of these exercises to help with keeping your digestive system functioning properly. If you haven’t been active and you are struggling to exercise, start small.

Start by doing 15 minutes a day and then gradually increase your exercising time. You will notice that it will do wonders for your digestive health and you will be able to fight off any issues linked to indigestion.