When Is The Best Time To Workout

best time to workout

Does When You Exercise Matter?

In order to be fit and live a healthy life, we need to exercise regularly. However, people are super busy which makes it difficult to find the right time to exercise. With most people working during the day, the only time they can exercise is before or after work. The timing of exercise is very important because it affects outcomes such as sleep and weight loss.

When you exercise is important

In order to know which time is the best to exercise, we need to first understand how our body functions over a 24-hour day.

The biological clock helps to regulate body temperature, blood pressure, hunger, and sleep patterns. These rhythms referred to as circadian is associated with many aspects of health, physical performance, and well-being.

Does The Early Bird Get The Worm?

Most people prefer creating a morning exercise routine because they believe it is more sustainable. It is a common belief that exercising in the morning is the best time before the day gets busy.

However, there is no such evidence to support this theory. If you are a “morning person”, you need to understand that working out on a full stomach is different, psychologically, from exercising on an empty stomach.

According to research, the difference between working out after food and in a fasted state creates no difference in the amount of fat lost between fed and fasted exercise.

There was a study that showed that people who exercised in the morning ate less throughout the day and so they lost more weight than those who exercised in the evening.

However, other research has found that people who exercise in the evening work extra hard, and over time, they expend more energy leading to greater weight loss than those who exercise in the morning. So, the question is, is there really a better time of the day to exercise?

To achieve the best results from your workout routine, the most important aspect is your nutrient timing. Consuming the right nutrients as you exercise helps to do the following:

  • Recover from the training helping you to get ready for the next training session with well-fueled muscles
  • Ingesting sufficient nutrients helps to keep one healthy and the body is able to fight off infection. This limits the suppression of the immune system often experienced when one is on intense training
  • Help to repair and strengthen the body muscles to the best of one’s genetic potential
  • Optimize fuel use helping one to remain energetic throughout training

Why Is Nutrient Timing Important?

When one exercises regularly, the body is primed for fat loss or fat gain as it is primed for muscle loss or muscle loss or muscle gain during specific times of the day. Eating the right foods at the right times helps to enhance those efforts.

When you account for energy balance, timing nutrient intake can alter body composition, shift hormonal profile, and up-regulate metabolism.

How you manipulate your nutrient intake can also help you to take advantage of certain anabolic hormones such as insulin.

How To Track Your Workouts And Nutrient Intake

In today’s world, exercising means that you can depend on more than just a mirror and the scale to track your progress.

If you are committed to your exercise routine and want to achieve positive results, you have to invest in more than just time and effort to make your dreams come true.

Technology has given professional trainers more detailed data than ever before, directly on our wrists with smartwatches.

Investing in advanced devices like omega speedmaster moonwatch can help you regulate your sleep time and track your workouts.


Nutrient timing is an important strategy, especially for professional athletes.

If you are interested in gaining muscles, you need a calorie surplus. However, you have to be careful about the amount you consume on a daily basis since over-consuming can result in fat gain.

With the help of a professional nutritionist, plan your meals in accordance with your daily schedule and create a temporary food surplus.

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