Use the Throat Chakra to Express Yourself

Use Your 5th Chakra to Improve Your Communication Skills

The word ‘chakra’ in Sanskrit refers to a spinning sphere emanating certain bio-energetic activity from the spinal cord of the body. Our body is comprised of seven wheels, or chakras, that emerge out from the base of the spine and often correlate with each other. The chakra system is considered highly dynamic.

The chakras are often denoted as the spiritual realm as it is only through them that the flow of high-frequency energy is maintained. The way the chakras help our body, mind, and soul to build momentum is incredible. As a result of which, our mind is master of the material possessions around us.

Throat Chakra: the Driving Force of Your Creativity

Also known as the ‘Visuddha’ chakra, it stands in the fifth position from the bottom and the third position from the top. It should be noted that counting the chakras from bottom to top is the more traditional way.

The throat chakra is associated with a person’s ability to speak as well as communicate clearly. This chakra is located in the throat region of the body that specifically stretches from the esophagus and trachea to the ears and thyroid.

Visuddha Chakra

Visuddha is a Sanskrit term for purity and also defines what your throat chakra is associated with: speaking and hearing.

The purity of honesty and speech is derived by Visuddha. There is a crossover that resides between our heart and subconscious which is provided by this chakra. It is only when the throat chakra is balanced that we become much more expressive about our imaginations. The color of the throat chakra is blue, which encourages peace.

How Does the Throat Chakra Help People?

People with highly activated throat chakra cannot tolerate dishonesty and can only be truthful. They are full of gratitude for people who help them and possess a sense of telepathic connection with their close ones. When dragged into a complicated situation, they show immense courage and can successfully analyze the outcome.

Those with well-balanced throat chakra can develop a certain line of communication between the heart and brain. Creativity comes naturally to them and they always use creative words to express their opinions.

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When the throat chakra is balanced, it instills a clear voice that is blessed with resonance. A person’s ability to make the right decision at the right time is highly influenced by the throat chakra.

Speaking the truth can be tricky at times for anyone. Sometimes, situations are messy and we have to play the diplomatic card; but one cannot hold back the truth for long. It has to come out someday! Spiritual speakers are often heard explaining the significance of speaking the truth.

  • Does asking for help bother you?
  • Do you often say no to people in spite of wanting to say yes?
  • Is it hard for you to speak up?
  • Do you live in the constant fear of upsetting people?
  • Do you feel judged?

If you are going through any of the aforementioned mental conflicts, you must consider balancing your throat chakra.

Throat Chakra: Voice Your Inner Truth

The fifth major chakra of our body helps us express ourselves more vividly and also lets us speak up. As soon as the throat chakra is balanced, we gain supreme confidence in expressing our viewpoints.

Balancing your throat chakra helps with communication-related tasks, including presentations. Be more impactful at work or school through balancing this chakra and becoming excellent communicators. If you feel shy and lack the confidence to speak up during important discussions, you must consider working on balancing your throat chakra.

Improve Communication Skills Through Your Throat Chakra

The more we express our true selves, the easier it is to activate the chakra. Trying to become more creative also helps to some extent. To improve your chakra’s balance, you can try singing, painting, or writing. Chanting mantras can also help.

The most important part is to express yourself. Staying positive is something that helps you balance the chakra. If you are feeling down, then you need to visualize the blue color of the throat chakra to feel peacefulness from within.

When the throat chakra is unbalanced, people suffer from depression, frustration, and low immunity. In order to combat these, try some yoga.

Express Yourself Through Writing

Do not let your words remain unheard and your expressions unexpressed. You must speak up and express your viewpoints to other people. You can easily put forward your opinions if you activate and express them through your throat chakra.

As soon as you start focusing on your throat chakra, you will sense a shift within yourself. You will feel empowered and energized to do things that make you happy and satisfied. You will be healthier and recover more quickly from illness when balanced.

Writing is considered a great way to open and balance your throat chakra. If public speaking isn’t your thing, then rely on journaling to speak your truth. Simply writing down the important thoughts and feelings you have can have a significant positive impact on your wellness.


Harmonizing with your chakra can benefit you in more ways than balancing your body. You can find useful applications for doing so in day-to-day life, including socially and professionally. Improve your ability to communicate and have an impact on your writing and speaking and live a happier, more balanced life.

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