Foods to Eat Before Taking a Test

Healthy Choices During Exam Periods

There’s the classic saying, “you are what you eat.” So, what kind of food makes us artistic or creative? Will it also make us healthy?

What you eat and drink should nourish your body as well as your mind. You can follow the example of some of the greats from the past:

  • Michelangelo was content with a little bread and wine while he worked. Sometimes he would forget about eating altogether.
  • Stephen King likes to eat a slice of cheesecake before writing.
  • Or you could try butterflies like Vladimir Nabakov.

As interesting as these eating routines are, none of them sound really healthy. If you want to reach the peak of your creative powers, you should take a similar approach and feed your brain properly. We’ll help you by showing you healthy snacks and habits that can be just as simple and satisfying as unhealthy ones.

What to Look For

There are certain nutrients and benefits you should look for in food. One such is complex carbs, which provide the body with immediate energy while giving the brain a steady stream of glucose throughout the day. Carbs will keep your digestion and metabolism optimized and give your brain enough power to study.

The best sources of complex carbohydrates include vegetables, whole grains, beans, legumes, fruits, nuts, and seeds.

You should also look at essential fatty acids, which help the brain process and understand information. You’ve probably heard about the Omegas: linoleic acid (omega-6) and alpha-linoleic acid (omega-3).

Essential fatty acids are necessary for intellectual development and cognitive processes. They also play a role in breaking down cholesterol.

Flax seeds, walnuts, dark green veggies, and grains are great sources of EFAs. Consider joining this healthy sorority of Omegas and keep your heart in good shape.

Your brain cells will stay healthy and you will boost your immunity with antioxidants. These powerful substances carry important benefits to good health. They mostly come from fresh fruits and vegetables.

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Considering that you want to boost your creativity and energy, there’s probably an ideal routine for you to eat, one that allows you to reach your creative peak and work effectively.

If you need an immediate energy boost, you can snack on some dark chocolate, fresh berries, or walnuts.

You may get tired of eating the same snack all the time, so try mixing it up and maybe even combine the above-mentioned foods. If you can find a favorite or two that you consider your go-to, that’s even better.

Weight gain in college is so common, it has its own name: The Freshman 15.

Sudden dietary adjustments can be detrimental to your health. Big, life-changing events like going to college are demanding enough, so we should do our best to keep our minds and bodies in the best possible shape.

Whole grain bread can help you adapt to your new routine. You can spread some peanut butter on a slice and enjoy.

Food on the Go

Oatmeal is another quick and easy classic. It’s a common, but very versatile breakfast and can be prepared and consumed in many ways.

You can make oatmeal with chia seeds or add some berries to bring fruit to the mix. You also can add nuts, coconut oil, whatever you choose.

With oatmeal, you can be creative while being healthy. It’s also time-saving. Use a blender bottle to eat your breakfast on the go.

Smoothies are great for busy schedules. Who doesn’t love a nice, blended drink which can have the nutritional power of a good meal?

There are tons of smoothie recipes available. You can blend ingredients such as avocado, berries, yogurt, citrus fruits, chia seeds, etc. with water or fruit juice and create an inspiring beverage. Add some honey or agave syrup for a great extra touch.

Don’t Forget to Drink

Alcohol may give you creative ideas, but it is out of the question when it comes to health. There are plenty of drinks that can give your brain a boost.

Water has been proven to help you think faster and be more focused. It gives the brain electrical energy for all functions and processes. So make sure you drink enough. There are also caffeinated drinks like green tea, which is an excellent source of antioxidants.


Your brain is a major part of your health and life, especially when you do creative work. So, you certainly want to make the habit of properly feeding it and boosting your creativity while maintaining or improving your health.

It’s ok to have an unhealthy snack or drink here and there, but don’t make a habit out of it. Use these tips to be more healthy and creative!