Get Healthy: Got Mom Guilt?

Ditch the Mom Guilt – You deserve to be healthy

First of all, we have had many clients who suffered from parent guilt. Mom or dad guilt refers to (in this instance) the guilt a parent feels when they know they should take the time to exercise but don’t want to be selfish and take time away from their children to go to the gym…

Mom Guilt: Be Selfish, Really

It’s hard to take precious time from your kids in order to work on yourself. You feel lousy and selfish for doing it. Let’s go over why you HAVE to take this time away in order to be the best parent possible and 5 ways to overcome mom guilt!

Quite frankly if you are a parent you never have time for yourself and if you make the time you feel selfish.

You have to be selfish though in order to be able to give the most back to your family!

Taking 15-20 minutes a day to walk or perform an at-home workout will allow you to improve your energy level, exercise capacity, cardiovascular strength, and muscle strength!

Get Healthy: Got Mom Guilt?Just think how much more you can give back to your family when you are in top physical condition than if you are weak, feeble, or lethargic?

In reality, taking the time away from your family to work on yourself may be the most unselfish thing you can do especially as you age! Not only will you be able to give more back to your family but you can help instill a great work and health ethic in your children that can set them up for a great life!

If they don’t ever see mom and dad exercising, why should they? Show them that it is okay to take time from a busy schedule to put work on your physical fitness!

Overcoming Mom/Dad Guilt

1. The first thing we need to do is completely mental

Between your ears is where all of these guilty feelings are coming from and what is holding you back. You just need to continually tell yourself that taking the time for yourself is the best thing for your entire family!

You are taking something that once made you feel guilty and flipping it to where you realize that it can actually empower you! Realize you are helping your family by exercising!

2. Schedule your workouts

Writing these workouts down will really set them in stone. While your schedule is probably incredibly hectic there should be 3 times a week where you can take a 15-20 minute period out for yourself. Put it in ink and hold yourself to it!

3. Workout at-home

I love the gym; that is where I usually work out. But it can become a pain to drive back and forth, taking up valuable time. Instead, try to employ some at-home workouts like the ones listed here. These will save you a ton of time and you may be able to have the kids even join in on your workout as well! Always keep it fun no matter what!

4. Take it outside

One way to get some exercise with your kids is for everyone to get up and go outside! Playing, hiking, or swimming outside will allow everyone to stay active while helping you ditch the guilt.

There is nothing better than fresh air, family time, and being active.

5. Find the right support

Everyone needs support from their peers in order to let them know that someone else is experiencing the same problems! Peer support can make the difference between staying with a program or letting the mom/dad guilt take hold and dropping it altogether.

You can either join a program like the Fit Female Club which offers support, instruction, accountability, and motivation, or find a workout partner that is in the same boat as you.

Either one will help push you to your max and keep you on your path even when you are struggling!


No matter what you do it’s always best to remember to drop the mom/dad guilt when it comes to exercising.

Take the time for yourself to exercise not only so you can stay healthy and be a better parent but also show your kiddos that physical fitness is an important aspect of your life!

Step-up, starting today!

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