Health Science of the Week: 12/4/2015


The Latest Health Science of the Week

Each week we give you 5 of the coolest new studies to hit masses!

These studies have the capability to shape the very nature of what we consider healthy nutrition and how we exercise.

While one health science study doesn’t make for concrete truth, it can lend credibility to a notion that helps us more efficiently improve our health! Check out this batch of crazy interesting health science of the week:

Science of the Week mindFood and Emotions: 90 percent overlook key to weight loss, survey finds

“The results of a national survey about weight loss barriers finds 90 percent of respondents discounted one of the most important factors — your mind. A neuropsychologist says the most crucial factor is your psychological relationship with food and exercise, yet the majority (60 percent) listed diet and exercise to be the biggest barriers of weight loss, and only 10 percent of people thought psychological well being was the biggest barrier to weight loss.”

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Science of the Week elderlySense of purpose in life linked to lower mortality and cardiovascular risk

“People who have a higher sense of purpose in life are at lower risk of death and cardiovascular disease, reports a pooled data analysis.”

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Science of the Week cardioCardio fitness in young adults associated with lower risk of cardio disease death

Cardiorespiratory fitness in young adults was associated with lower risk of cardiovascular disease and death but it was not associated with the development of coronary artery calcification in a long-term study of a large racially diverse group of US adults, according to an article.”

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Science of the Week pregnantWeight gain between pregnancies linked to increased risk of stillbirth and infant death

“Mothers of healthy weight during their first pregnancy who gain even a moderate amount of weight (around 6 kg in a woman of average height) between their first and second pregnancies increase the risk of their baby dying in its first year of life, according to new research.”

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Science of the Week kneeMRI reveals weight loss protects knees

“Obese people who lose a substantial amount of weight can significantly slow the degeneration of their knee cartilage, according to new research.”

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