Six Pack Workout Routine At Home

abs workout at home

Get a Killer Workout: At-home abs

For many people, it’s that time of the year to try to get back into swimsuit shape. Summer is coming and we all want to look our best, but usually, the swimsuit dominates us. One area of the body that receives the most attention, is your waistline or your abs; we need an at-home abs workout!

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Abs Workout At Home

When it comes to your core you cannot spot-train fat loss.

For instance, doing 400 crunches a day will not give you washboard abs (it will burn some calories though). To truly get a six-pack it all starts with nutrition; that is literally 75% of the equation.

After you have cleaned up your nutrition, you can watch the fat shed throughout your body!

As you lose fat throughout the body, those 400 crunches will start to cause your abs to grow. Combining bigger abs with less fat covering them will equal abs of your dreams! Work on your diet and throw in some of these exercises at home or at the gym to help build up your abs!

Also, ab roller wheels are a great way to get a 6 pack too. Check out our review of the best ab rollers on Amazon.

Standing band crunch

This exercise is great for utilizing your resistance bands! Keep your knees slightly bent, your butt against the door (if that’s where you have your bands), and crunch down towards your knees. You should really feel it in your upper abs. Really concentrate on contracting your abs! A greater resistance of band may be in order. Try three sets of 20 (depending on your resistance band weight). You can crunch more to the side or laterally to work your obliques more!

Kneeling band crunch

This is another way to utilize your resistance bands. Once again you want to crunch down towards your knees, pulling in your chest while contracting your abs. Try three sets of 20 (depending on your resistance band weight).


A great way to tighten up your core is to perform planks. Keep your back straight and your core engaged for maximum efficiency. Perform these for a certain period of time (30-60 seconds) for three sets. You can also perform side planks. A modified version is to rest on your knees while still keeping your core engaged.

Crazy planks

Not the correct term for them but this is what I call them. This exercise is great for tightening up your core and also works your glutes in the process! You can either perform one leg at a time or for a challenge try lifting one arm and the opposite foot at the same time! You can perform these in sets or timed.

Mountain climbers (wide)

This not only works your core but also when done at a high intensity can really tax your cardiovascular system (a great tabata interval or HIIT session exercise). Bring one knee up towards your chest (but wide like shown below) return it to the plank position and bring the other leg up. After you have brought both legs up that equals one rep. Do this timed (30-60 seconds) or three sets of 30.


Combine this at-home abs workout with your nutrition plan to burn calories and grow your abdominal muscles.

Before you know it you will start to see the outlines of your not-so-mythical abs!

You will be dominating that swimsuit this year!

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