How Can a Straight Smile Happen Faster Than You Think?

A Straight Smile Can Happen Faster Than You Think

Smiling can be infectious when you’re in a crowd, so it’d be a shame if you were deterred from smiling – perhaps due to jagged teeth. It’s more common than you might have realized; Cosmopolitan writer Jennifer Savin recalls feeling stung by a stranger’s jibe about her own teeth.

How to get a straight smile

The good news, though, is that a straight smile and, with it, restored confidence are both within surprisingly easy reach. Perhaps you could take your pick from these remedies for crooked teeth

Clip-on veneers

When raising the subject of your zigzag teeth with someone you know, the word “veneers” might have popped up among their suggestions of what to do about it.

However, it could feel like a case of “so veneer, so far” – especially if you can’t afford them or fear your teeth getting filed down.

Fortunately, you can cross both worries off your list if you choose clip-on veneers. Savin gave some a try and attests to their ability to “instantly transform a crooked smile”.

Invisible braces

Dental braces are an obvious option for straightening teeth rather than just masking their crookedness, as you would be with the clip-on veneers. However, with their metal wires and brackets, they aren’t exactly discreet. Fortunately, lingual braces actually are…

How a Straight Smile Can Happen Faster Than You Think Starting TodayThat’s because they are fitted entirely behind the teeth, as Washingtonian explains. Consequentially, they are completely shielded from view, letting you spare your blushes.

As the brackets and wires are also custom-made, you might only have to wear them for between six months and a year.

Nearly invisible braces

Lingual braces have their downsides. For example, the first few weeks of wearing them can cause you to speak with a lisp, while you need to be careful what you eat; crunchy foods such as carrots are out.

Fortunately, opting for Invisalign braces is better if you are too fussy about what you eat.

While Invisalign plastic trays are clear and, largely, for this reason, nearly imperceptible to the naked eye, you can still remove those trays in preparation for tucking into meals.

Visible braces

Sadly, Invisalign braces won’t be able to help if you are beset by especially serious alignment issues, like large gaps or turned teeth. Hence, you might have to settle for braces of the conventional – and, yes, that means visible – variety.

These braces, which can combine metal wires with brackets of stainless steel, clear plastic, or tooth-colored ceramic, also call for a relatively long treatment time of 20 months on average. That’s due to the severity of the problem, but at least you know it will be getting fixed with a trusted Dentist in Fairfax.

Inman Aligner

Treatment time is a bugbear with braces – but, amazingly, the Inman Aligner treatment can leave a straight smile in just 6 to 16 weeks.

Like the Invisalign braces, they can be periodically removed for eating and tooth-brushing, too – making for a cost-effective solution.


With a treatment of Inman Aligner by Ten Dental, a London-based practice, your teeth can look straighter much sooner than you may have previously anticipated.