How To Decorate A Shared Bedroom For Better Sleep

Decorate Your Bedroom for Better Sleep

Whether it’s your first time sharing a bedroom with a partner, or you’ve been married for a very long time, understanding how to decorate your bedroom for better sleep is important. Since the bedroom is such a personal space, it can be a challenge trying to work out the best way to compromise and come to a place that is equally comfortable for both of you.

Update your bedroom for better sleep

Brainstorming bedroom decor ideas and coming up with a plan to keep your bedroom as a retreat for you both is the trick to keeping a bedroom that’s going to work for you both, equally.

Here are some of our top tips for picking out bedroom furniture that’s going to get you both sleeping blissfully.

Choosing The Best Mattress For Shared Sleep

If you and your partner have completely different sleeping styles, choosing the best mattress for both your rest can’t be understated. Memory foam mattresses are often ranked as the best mattress choice for couples who are looking for comfort from their night’s sleep.

One of the main reasons memory foam mattresses are so popular for couples is because of their motion isolation capabilities. Memory foam mattresses are especially useful for people who struggle to get comfortable when trying to get to sleep.

The best memory foam mattresses will ensure that you’re able to remain undisturbed through the night, despite your partner’s tossing and turning all night.

How To Decorate A Shared Bedroom For Better Sleep TodayOne of the most common problems that come with sharing your bed with a partner is overheating.

The best memory foam mattresses are temperature regulated, ensuring that you don’t run into any problems with sweating or overheating while sharing your bed.

Compromising Between Distinct Styles

While both you and your partner have different tastes when it comes to bedroom decor, it’s actually relatively easy to find overlap.

For example, minimalist bedroom decor and modern bedroom decor both have a love of clean lines, contemporary design, and minimal clutter.

If you and your partner can agree on one or two share elements of your space, then you’ll be surprised to find how quickly the rest of the room comes together.

If you both have totally clashing styles, however, know that it’s still possible to come to a compromise. If you’re someone who likes a lot of colors while your partner prefers muted tones, for instance, try integrating bits of your personality into smaller elements of the bedroom.

Accents such as decorative rugs and pillows can add just a touch of customization without overtaking the entire room. You can also add a build your own neon sign on the wall to lighten up your room. So try and be mindful of this as you try and brainstorm bedroom décor ideas.

Investing In Storage Solutions That Minimize Clutter

One of the most obviously difficult parts of moving into a shared space is finding room for the belongings of two people. This is more difficult for smaller bedrooms, but you’d be surprised to find just how many couples find delegating space and keeping their rooms clean a challenge.

To ensure you’re doing as much as you can to keep your bedroom looking nice and tidy (as well as keeping your partner from going crazy), invest in bedroom furniture that doubles as storage solutions.

These might include nightstands with drawers, bed frames with adjustable heights, and much more.


From finding the most comfortable memory foam mattress for you to share to understanding what the best mattress size for your space might be, there are plenty of ways you can get creative with your bedroom decor as a couple.

Sharing your bedroom can be a really great opportunity to regroup and decorate with the conscious effort of finding ways to sleep better, so start planning, and you’ll be snoozing in bliss before you know.

As they say – the couple that sleeps well together stays together.