How To Get Motivation To Go To The Gym

Key Motivational Tips

Pushing yourself to go to the gym and exercise can be a big struggle once that initial enthusiasm has worn off. You wake up in the morning, look over at your gym bag and decide that maybe there are other things that you should do, like sleep…

How To Keep Yourself Motivated

Unfortunately, most people go through this after a while and they need some extra motivation to continue their fitness journey.

Thankfully, there are some things that you can do to remain motivated at the gym and keep working to achieve your dream body. Check out how to keep yourself motivated at the gym.

1. Don’t impose strict rules on yourself

This is the very first thing that you need to consider before going to the gym.

Never establish a strict set of rules that you definitely need to follow, or otherwise, things won’t matter. Don’t think that if you don’t go to the gym tomorrow at 2 PM your entire routine and life will be ruined.

How To Keep Yourself Motivated At The GymThere is no need for overdramatization in this case. If you cannot help but set such rules, then you should know that it’s like a trap that you will eventually fall into.

Be spontaneous and go to the gym when you feel like it. Never force yourself to do anything, especially if you’re not in the mood to do it.

2. A workout partner is what you need

Sometimes, what you need is a bit of competition with some of your friends who also like to go to the gym.

Make sure that these people will motivate you to go too, will yell at you when you feel lazy, and will push you to surpass your limits. Apart from this, it’s even better if these friends (or even one of them) are slightly better than you.

It will make you want to reach that same level and keep up. You can also do this if you have your own home gym. Invite them over and you will have to work out. Invest in some effective home gym machines, like a cross-trainer.

3. Have a positive attitude

Every time you are going to the gym, even if you may not feel the best, try to only have positive thoughts in your mind.

They will help you greatly. This works very well, especially after you finished your routine. Talk to yourself and say that you enjoyed your workout, that it will help you, and give yourself a pat on the back for all that effort.

Never think negatively after a workout because this will make you not want to come back the next day, and this is what this article is all about, to teach you how to stay motivated.

Also, don’t worry about how you look before or after a workout. Yes, you will be sweaty, your hair will be sticking to your face, and your body might not be in its perfect shape yet, but better times will come.

If you want to get deeper into this subject, check out these simple weight loss and fitness tips that will certainly keep you going forward.

4. Do cardio that you enjoy and switch up your routine frequently

Cardiovascular exercises at the gym, like stationary bicycles or steppers, can get quite boring after a while.

You don’t do much apart from staring at the same wall or screen in front of you for entire minutes, day after day. This is precisely why you should always try to find new and fun cardio exercises which will keep you motivated.

You can try going outdoors in nature and actually riding a bike. Go swimming, play tennis, go skating, play basketball or any other sport that you love.

This also means that you should never fall into a routine and do the same exercises over and over again. You will lose your motivation completely and eventually, give up on going to the gym.

Find new and fun exercises every few weeks. Also, if there is one particular exercise that you absolutely loathe, stop doing it immediately! Find another one that works the same muscles and do that instead.

5. Choose your workout music carefully

Workout music plays a big role in how motivated you are during your exercises.

So, always try to find motivational music, usually upbeat, that will make you feel like you can move mountains. Try some epic music, movies scores, some rap with powerful lyrics, or rock.

It’s all up to you but you should know that the moment you hit the play button, you should become a different kind of person; one that loves working out.


All in all, it looks like finding the right motivation to keep on pushing and stay motivated at the gym is no easy task, especially if you’ve been doing this for a long time, or if you began.

It’s a difficult thing to do, which is why most people lose themselves along the way and never fulfill their fitness dreams.

However, it’s all about finding a balance and the things that motivate you to go on. It’s about ambition, perseverance, and willingness to become the best version of yourself. Change comes from within, and nothing would be possible without it.

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