How To Prevent Workout Injuries

Tips for Injury Prevention

When trainers say “no pain, no gain,” they’re usually not talking about a sprained ankle or a pulled neck muscle. Some pain is to be expected when you’re working out, and some of it is a good sign that what you’re doing is effective. However, there are other types of pain that you don’t want to make a regular feature of your workout. Any type of physical activity carries with it the risk of injury, but with a little preparation, you can reduce the likelihood of injury during your exercise routine.

Injury prevention 101

In many cases, avoiding physical injuries while exercising is a simple matter of starting slow and warming up your body.

Light stretching, a few minutes of mild cardio, and fueling up with a healthy meal all can play a role in protecting your body from injuries that could happen when you put too much stress on your muscles and ligaments too quickly.

Other types of injuries can occur when you overdo one particular type of exercise or activity, so it’s wise to remember to vary your workout routine as much as you can. The right gear also can make a big difference in your risk for injury — including having the proper safety equipment for full-contact and extreme sports.

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To learn more about working out safely and effectively, consult the following guide.

It contains key tips you can implement to help improve your chances of not getting injured while exercising.

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