Spinal Cord Injury Recovery

Is It Still Possible To Recover From Spinal Cord Injury?

There are approximately 17,730 new spinal cord injury (SCI) cases in the US every year. This means that at least 54 cases of SCI per one million Americans. According to the report that was recently published by the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center, most of these cases were caused by vehicle crashes that account for 39.3 percent.

Recover From Spinal Cord Injury

Other leading SCI causes include falls, acts of violence, and sports accidents. This kind of injury can be very debilitating. This is because the spinal column holds the body’s nerve pathways that help the other organs of the body to communicate with the brain.

Medical practitioners can attest that some injuries can cause total paralysis, while others could still recover from partial paralysis. There is still no assurance regarding the recovery status of people with SCI.  But there are a lot of factors that can help improve the patient’s condition.

These can help the person deal with the situation while they on the road to recovery. Here is some important information about what people could expect during the recovery process for those who are dealing with SCI.

Stages of Recovery

Medical experts agree that the most difficult stage of a spinal cord injury is the beginning. Once the patient wakes up in the hospital and is informed about going through an injury, he may feel demoralized about the situation. But the people around the SCI parents should reassure them that surviving the injury is already a big accomplishment.

In the past, the survival rate of SCI was very slim. Depending on the extent of the injury, people with spinal cord problems may have to go through major surgery. Is It Possible To Recover From Spinal Cord InjuryThey may also have to be placed on a ventilator or receive other medical treatments.

Then they will have to remain in the hospital for further observation until the doctors order their discharge. They may either return home to continue their recovery or stay in a long-term care facility to get further medical attention.

During this time, families of the patients must determine where they will get the funds for all the treatments while the patient remains immobile. If the injury was caused by an accident, they may get a lawyer to help them deal with the person responsible for the injury.

According to experts from FVF Law, hiring a spinal injury lawyer will ensure that the patient is receiving the right medical care until they recover.

In addition, legal counsel can also educate other family members about how to deal with this unfortunate situation.

Therapies And Rehabilitation

SCI patients will be asked to start their physical therapy as soon as the doctors allow them to. If the patient puts a lot of energy into each session and follows the instructions of their therapist diligently, they will have a higher chance of recovery.

Each session will be composed of exercises that will not only strengthen the body but encourage the brain to invigorate the site of the injury as well.

While physical therapy cannot guarantee that the patients will fully recover, it can help increase the chances of seeing them move, walk, and regain several body functions.

Other major signs of physical recovery include the decreased swelling of the injury site. They could also regain some sensation and movements below the site of the injury. They may also learn how to use their wheelchairs or prostheses. Ultimately, they will find a way to perform old tasks.

Yet aside from these signs of physical healing, caregivers of SCI patients must also look for signs of improved psychological health. Those who went through a major injury can be expected to feel helpless and depressed. But it is very important to encourage them to feel positive to help their body recover faster.


Recovering from SCI can be a daunting challenge. Patients could feel like their journey back to good health may be out of reach.

However, the physical and psychological effects of the injury can be eliminated with the right treatments and proper diagnoses.

With the help of a strong support group composed of family, friends, their spinal injury lawyer, and all the members of their medical team, patients will be assured that they will recover from the injury with time.