Jess Dang: At-Home Leg Workout

Here’s an Effective Home Leg Workout!

Are you ready for a killer muscle-building home leg workout you can easily do in your free time? Fitness expert Jess Dang stops by to fill us in on a truly effective and efficient home leg workout that will have you crushing calories and building muscle!

Break out in a sweat with this awesome workout!

With the nature of many of today’s day jobs (desk workers, I’m talking to you!), our legs don’t get the chance to work as much as they should.

Jess Dang- At-Home Leg WorkoutBusy days sitting in the office, followed by sitting in the car on the way home can leave for potential strength deficits in our lower body.

To top it off, we might not be able to carve out time to head to the gym for a leg workout.

Whether we’re driving kids around to various after-school events and/or preparing meals for the evening and next day, making time to strengthen those legs may be at the bottom of the list.

Home Leg Workout: Simple and effective

Don’t make life any harder for yourself! If you’re in a pinch for time, have you considered fitting in your leg day at home?

Bodyweight exercises in the comfort of your own home can be a simple and effective way to strengthen without heading to the gym.

Below are ideas of exercises you can try at home, as long as you’ve got a little floor space, a resistance band, and a staircase.

Deadlift with resistance band

Placing a band securely underneath both feet, stand with feet about hip-width apart. With knees slightly bent, hinge forward at the hips, making sure that upper back is flat and lower back is slightly arched. Abs are tight and shoulder blades are actively squeezed.

Using strength from the hamstrings, glutes, and abs, press hips forward and knees back to stand up tall. Squeeze glutes as you stand.


No stairs, no band, no problem. Bridges can be done just about anywhere you have floor space!

Lie down face up, with knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Hands can be on either side of the hips for balance.

As you press the hips up, make sure the majority of your weight is in the heels. Squeeze the glutes together as you lift up, working towards getting the chest and hips in line with the knees (the diagonal line can be traced from knees to chest).


Why yes. I DID save the “best” for last! Although this is not my favorite exercise in the book, it has helped me the most with my injuries (along with planks). Clamshells work to strengthen muscles around the hip and glutes, which is crucial for runners, yogis, strength trainers, and well…everyone.

In a side-lying position, bend knees towards the chest, making sure that hips are stacked (no leaning back!) and abs are engaged.

Keeping the heels together, strengthen glutes by lifting the top knee away from the bottom knee. Ensuring that the hips are stacked, especially here, will prevent too much hip flexor involvement.

Squat and leg lift

Who says you can only do squats at the gym? Starting with both feet flat on two steps (wider for more of a challenge), squat low: sit weight back into heels and drop hips toward the ground, making sure to keep abs tight and chest up.

With control, shift weight onto the leg that is on the higher step. Get light on the bottom leg, and lift up to engage muscles around the hip.

Wrap-Up: You’ve got this!

Making time for home fitness can be challenging. With work, school, kids, and life in general, heading to the gym can feel daunting and unrealistic.

Setting aside time for an at-home leg workout could be the way to go, at least a couple of times per week.

By using simple yet effective tools such as the stairs, a band, or our own body weight, we can be sure to work and sweat in the comfort of our own home!

Updated 5/30/2018

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