Joan Pagano: Strength Training for Women

Joan Pagano – Strength Training for Women

Joan Pagano took the time from her busy schedule to answer a few questions on the importance of strength training for women. She just released her fourth book (Strength Training Exercises for Women) and the recent launch of her a new site! She brought the knowledge!

How did you get your start in the fitness industry?

Joan Pagano began by saying that throughout her youth she was an avid athlete but lost her way after college. One day, a friend convinced her to attend a yoga class.

Joan said, “It was the beginning of a path that quickly led to a career in personal training, first becoming certified by Marymount Manhattan College in NYC and then by ACSM as a Health & Fitness Specialist.”

From there she went on to work as a trainer and then opened her own business 23 years ago!

How do you incorporate strength training for women?

Along with “a well-balanced diet and daily physical activity combined with a constructive mental outlook,” Joan implements weight training into your daily routine! Pagano said, “I enjoy working out in the comfort of my own home.”

I like the freedom of doing my exercise whenever time permits, and I prefer using minimal equipment to challenge my capabilities.

You can achieve the results you want from the comforts of your own home (or anywhere for that matter), it just takes the proper knowledge and mindset!

Why do many women shy away from it for fear of getting “bigger/bulky”?

This brought us to the second part of the question that to me was the most intriguing of the interview. Many women don’t think they need strength training or are afraid they will look “bulky.”

Joan was quick to dispel this by saying, “The truth is that most women lack the necessary hormones to build muscle mass.  There is a direct relationship between the male hormone testosterone and muscle growth:

The more testosterone you secrete, the greater the tendency to build muscle mass.  Women only produce about one-tenth the amount of testosterone than men, making it difficult to “bulk up.”

That was exactly the response I wanted to hear! Joan went on to say those female bodybuilders are usually genetically predisposed and are on a very strict diet/training regiment to gain muscle mass. “The average woman who lifts weights actually shrinks in size by losing fat and firming the muscles,” Joan said.

Like we always say: tear it down (fat via diet and exercise) and build it up (muscle via strength training) to get toned!

Can you tell us a little about your book Strength Training Exercises for Women?

Strength Training Exercises for WomenWe got down to Joan’s fourth book which encompasses concepts from her three previous books: Strength Training for Women, 8 Weeks to a Younger Body, and 15-Minute Total Body Workout!

I’m thrilled to introduce this book to you, it could be your go-to book if you are new to strength training or want to learn more.

Joan said, “It combines beautiful step-by-step photos and expert advice to guide you through 200 strength and weight training exercises, ensuring positions and movements are accurate to achieve maximum fitness.  You can target key areas, follow programs to build overall strength, or fit the exercises into your everyday life with 15-minute workouts.” Basically, it’s packed with strength training greatness.

She goes on, “The book takes the mystique and the mistake out of the proper way to lift weights.  With its help, you get all the tools you need to make strength training a manageable part of your lifestyle.”

This is really needed in the modern gym or home! Taking the confusion or mystique out of weight lifting can help get more women motivated and involved!

What do you want to achieve with this book?

Pagano explained that she wants all women to embrace strength training because it improves the quality of your life.

No matter your age or what you want to accomplish, “Whether you’re preparing for a special sporting event, trying to tone up after childbirth, or just want to improve your overall strength and fitness, increasing strength is integral to women of every age and physical ability.”

She also said that strength training can help improve your cardiovascular conditioning which makes running and other aerobic activities easier. Likewise, it can make you less injury-prone and helps improve your posture! Then Joan provide my favorite quote of the interview,

Being strong is empowering, to both body and mind.

“As your body gets stronger, you develop more confidence and self-esteem.  You can be more independent and self-reliant.”

Where can learn more about Joan Pagano Fitness?

Joan said, “My new website has loads of free information, articles, tips, videos, and an e-book.  You can see all about my books and services there.” Check it out!


I’d like to sincerely thank Joan Pagano for agreeing to answer my questions! I found it to be very engaging and enlightening.

Everyone needs to understand that strength training can truly improve your quality of life and can improve your confidence and self-esteem.

Be sure to check out her book Strength Training Exercises for Women! Thanks again, Joan!

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