Juetta West: Upper Body Workout

Get strong with this upper body workout

All the guys and gals out there want sexy toned arms. From having sculpted biceps to toned triceps (and throw in shoulders), it’s time to give this workout a try and work towards building the muscle and sculpted arms you want!

At-Home Upper Body Workout

Each of our videos is designed for fifteen minutes of vigorous exercise.

Some of you will get through the routine in fifteen minutes and others may not.  Not to worry, you’ll get there.

The goal is to have proper form rather than to hurry through our routines and not do them properly.  So Turn It On and Look Fab!

Grab two 5-pound weights and have a chair available to lean on.

  • Hammer Curl Biceps 5 pound weight in each in hand
    Feet shoulder-width apart, arms by your side with your palms facing your thighs and your elbows tucked to your sides. Next, curl up for two counts and down for two counts both arms simultaneously.
  • Kick Backs for Triceps supported with a chair
    Bend forward placing your left hand on the chair, knees bent, navel to spine, 90-degree angle of your elbow with the 5-pound weight next to your body, and your shoulder stabilized. Next, begin kickback but don’t dip your elbow. Repeat 10 times and then switch the weight to your left hand and repeat the kickbacks again for the left arm.  Repeat 10 times again.
  • Overhead Shoulder Press for triceps and deltoids
    Sitting on the edge of a chair, navel to spine, and feet flat on the floor. Arms like a goal post, bring the weights overhead together to a point and then back down to the goal post.  Repeat 10 times.
  • Cardio: Squat Jumps with no weights in your hands
    Feet apart the width of your hips and toes straight forward. Then squat jump, squat jump, squat jump…etc. Repeat 10 times

Repeat this sequence 3 times

  • Bicep curl with 5-pound weights
    Arms by your sides and palms facing forward. Curl both arms up….two counts….two counts down.  Repeat 10 times.
  • Over and behind your head Triceps
    Sitting in a chair take one 5-pound weight in both hands overhead and elbows close to your ears pointing forward. Hinge at the elbows lowering the weight towards your head on a two count then raise up to start position on two counts.
  • Arnold Shoulder Press with 5-pound weights in each hand
    Stay seated,  goal post position for arms, and engage your core. Shoulder press with palms forward raising arms overhead then backs down passed the goal post while rotating your arms so that your palms are facing in.  Repeat for 10 reps.
  • Cardio:  Run in place knees high…..50 count

Repeat all exercises and cardio three times


There you have it – a great at-home upper body workout that will leave you gassed and coming back for more!

Be sure to check out some of Juetta’s other workouts and remember that the D.I.Y. life is all about taking total control of your health! Get started!

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