Middle Age Fitness: 6 Workouts for Weight Loss

Interested in Middle Age Fitness?

When it comes to middle-age fitness (no, we aren’t talking about knights in shining armor doing burpees) it’s all about getting up and active while having fun. No matter your age, check out these awesome workouts and at-home fitness tips to help you shape up and lose weight! A middle-age fitness plan at its finest!

Get up and active at any age

We all know that losing weight usually entails a lot of hard work and discipline. But what most of us tend to forget is that other outside factors could affect our weight loss and weight gain.

A factor that we should all watch out for is age.

The author of the book Fight Fat over Forty, Doctor Pamela Peeke points this out by saying that by the time we all reach forty, our metabolic rate just starts to drop. A perfect example of this happening is my mother. Now, my mother looks great for her age.

She is skinny and fit, but that’s mainly because she had to work for it. My mother has always been naturally thin; she was even a model back in the day.

But as she got older, she realized that her genes could only get her so far. She started to eat well and to exercise to get her body in tip-top shape.

Middle Age Fitness: 6 Workouts for Weight LossIn this article, I will be discussing different weight loss exercises and tips that can be used by those that are in their 50’s and also those in their 40’s.

So, let’s get started with some middle-age fitness tips.

1. Walking.

If you haven’t gotten into the habit of walking when you were younger, then it’s a great time to start. Walking is a great way to lose weight when you are older since it gives you a chance to go outside and breathe in the fresh air.

Not only can walking aid in your healthy weight loss, but it can also lessen stress and clear your mind.

If you are feeling a little bit more adventurous, try going on a leisurely hike.

2. Strength training.

As we get older, our bone density starts to drop so it is important to keep our muscles and bones strong and strength training can do just that. Not only can strength training keep you strong, but it also helps you lose weight by increasing your metabolism.

The great thing about this is you can do this in the comfort of your home by using 5 to 8-pound dumbbells.

3. Yoga.

For those that have tried yoga, you probably know how challenging but at the same time rewarding the practice of it is.

Yoga can not only help you lose weight, but it can also remove toxins in your body which can lead to aging or illness. Yoga can also help with any aches or pains in the body like severe joint pain since its stretches can be relaxing.

Yoga can also strengthen your mental health since a big part of it is meditation.

4. Pilates.

Pilates can keep improve your core strength and, of course, your body strong. Similar to yoga, it is great for any joint or muscle pains.

Studies have also shown that Pilates can help people age gracefully. It can even help ease you through your menopause.

5. Tai Chi.

A lot of people are quick to dismiss tai chi just because it doesn’t seem all too challenging since it just seems so gentle.

But studies have shown that tai chi can help slow down the body’s aging process. Studies have also shown that it can even restock the stem cells in our body. How crazy is that?

Tai chi is also great for meditation which means that it helps mental health and mindfulness.

6. Zumba.

This craze has swept the world and may be one of the more fun middle-age fitness programs (or any age). I can’t even pinpoint the exact moment in time when Zumba exploded, but it did and in a big way. Zumba essentially is like a dance class.

You come in and follow the beat and the instructor’s dance moves, and that’s it.

Zumba may seem silly for a lot of people, but it’s great cardio. Zumba can also instantly make you feel younger since the songs are used and the choreography is youthful and fun.

It’s a great way to meet new people too!


Getting older does not mean that we should all sacrifice looking good or attempting to lose weight.

Just remember to do the proper stretches before doing any of these workouts. Also, to further aid in your weight loss, don’t forget to practice portion control and add more fiber to your diet.

Aging is an all-natural process, and there is no reason for you to stop taking care of your body or to feel like you should be slowing down.

Have fun and enjoy learning these new workouts!

Updated 11/30/2018.

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