Office Yoga, Your Customizable Comfort Solution

Yoga Is a Way of Life

When yoga first appeared, it was used as a mediation practice to improve overall health and balance mind and body. Yoga postures were introduced only later and were used to prepare the body to sit for long periods of time.

Nowadays, yoga is available for anyone. It’s a practice that everyone learns at their own pace. Don’t aim for perfection; the only thing that matters is that it helps you endure the stress of each day.

There are many ways to learn yoga, so we’ll just share some ways to get started with office yoga today!

Office Yoga

Working every day sitting at a desk for 8 hours straight can create many physical problems. Working at a computer and talking on the phone all day can cause muscle strains and stiffness. This is why you need office yoga!

Yoga is an incredible way of relieving muscle tension while increasing strength and flexibility. Even 10 minutes of yoga can make a difference.

You can also practice simple yoga poses at your desk.

Benefits of Yoga

Have you ever wondered what the word ‘yoga’ means? It means ‘union’ in Sanskrit.

The purpose of Yoga is to create a balance between mind, body, and spirit.

Yoga is truly an amazing practice that began in India five thousand years ago. Yoga only came to the west in the 19th century, and it wasn’t until 1940 that people started embracing it as a daily activity. Nowadays, yoga is everywhere.

Here are a few key benefits of yoga:

  • Strength and flexibility — Practicing yoga poses make your body much stronger and healthier.
  • Helps with stress — Yoga demands a calm and relaxed state of mind; therefore, whenever you feel stressed, take out your mat and meditate for 10 minutes.
  • It encourages a healthy diet — A person who does yoga understands that in order to balance his mind, body, and spirit, everything must work properly. A healthy diet is exactly what you need in order to feel fresh every day.
  • It improves your circulation and breathing — The breathing techniques that are used in yoga can improve your circulation, and your blood pressure.
  • It improves sleep — Yoga calms the mind and relaxes the nervous system. This can lead to much better sleep.
  • Improves concentration — By practicing yoga you will be able to focus much better at work and always be on time with your work schedule.

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The Crescent Moon — Your body tends to become stiff when working at a desk. This can lead to neck and shoulder problems. Sitting in the crescent moon position will fix your stiffness so you can return to your work refreshed. It requires getting one knee down on the floor with the other bent at 90 degrees in front. You then raise your arms up and lean back to release tension in the hips and back.

Stretch your wrists and fingers — Working at a computer builds up tension in your tendons, fingers, and wrists. Extra blood flow can be helpful in this situation. Try these stretching techniques every 2 hours. Move your wrist inward and outward 5-10 times. Spread the fingers and close the fists. Do this 10-15 times, then shake your hands. Next, place your hand on the desk, and slowly massage the palm.

Chair Pigeon Pose — Usually people cross their legs when seated. This can lead to hip imbalances and lower spine pain. The chair pigeon pose can help you feel better in just a few minutes. While sitting in your chair, put both of your feet on the floor. Put your right leg over the left one at a 90-degree angle, but do not put pressure on your knee. Hold this position for 5-10 minutes, each side.

Eagle Arms — Stretch your arms in front of you and make sure they are parallel with the floor, palms up. Bend your elbows and bring both of your palms together while crossing your right arm over your left arm. Lift your elbows and pull back your shoulders. Switch arms. Repeat this exercise 5-10 times.


As you can see, office yoga is an amazing way of relieving stress and improving your health. Most people get into yoga because of its physical benefits but come to find out there are many other benefits.

Try this office yoga poses out and see what a difference they make in your day!

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