Quick Biohacks for Busy People

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How Do You Stay Healthy When There’s No Time?

Despite the growing number of health programs, many busy and over-worked people refuse to do any physical exercise or watch what they eat. There’s no time and they don’t see results fast enough. However, without sufficient knowledge of various nutritional and exercise tools, they are susceptible to unacceptable health risks. Therefore, we have gathered 5 surefire bio-hacks to avoid negative sedentary job effects.

5 Biohacks for Busy People

#1 Rest

Monitoring sleep phases, circadian rhythm, and pulse rate keep a relevant level of melatonin are normal parts of a biohacker’s life. If you want to take it one step further, limit your exposure to blue light from tech screens and maintain bedroom temperature control. All these factors play into quality sleep.

Learn your REM cycle and figure out when the best time is to go to bed based on completing your final cycle—this may be earlier or later than you are used to!

To help you fall asleep faster, turn off your phone 30 minutes before bedtime or utilize the ‘sleep’ screen feature (or put a filter on your computer monitor). And, of course, make sure your bedroom is at a comfortable temperature. Learn your best sleeping positions and check your mattress.

Sleep deprivation impacts our immune system and overall physical standing. The average office worker age 18 to 64 needs 7-9 hours of sleep. Keep that in mind when you consider your sleep schedule.

If you’re rested, it is easier to get up and be proactive in the morning. Practice morning meditations, which are a great tool to refresh your body and revive yourself.

Quick Biohacks for Busy People#2 Nutrition

Unfortunately, we are not always able to keep up with the pace of life. That’s why such things as a bagged lunch, prepared in advance, are so important. However, many of us don’t make time to do this simple task.

Let’s get back to basics. Pay attention to food quality, particularly if you are setting an example for children. If you still have free time and desire to cook healthy food, try to make up a healthy nutrition plan with the proper proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, amino acids, etc. your body needs.

If you don’t have time to make your own lunch, think about getting a healthy delivery service to help you out. Here you can find five completely healthy and cost-effective meal delivery services just in case there is no time to prepare a bag lunch.

#3 Sport

The method of your physical training should directly depend on the results you are striving for. If you want to get rid of the fatty layer on your stomach and hips, you will need high-intensity metabolic exercises involving large body muscles. In case you want to keep your muscles toned and body taut, practice yoga or pilates.

Do you enjoy getting out of the house for your activities? Take dance classes or try morning jogging. Squeezing these activities into 30-minute sessions during your week will have a dramatic impact on your health!

It’s likely that sedentary office life has already affected your health and inner body state, so before starting any physical activities, consult your physician to stay on the safe side.

#4 Body Indexes

Knowing everything about the health of your body is useful, no matter what. You don’t need to use ultra-expensive devices—like a continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) implant that monitors your level of glucose in real-time—but, for the novice biohacker, it is important to regularly analyze your health indicators with your doctor.

However, you shouldn’t be overzealous as the visits to doctors can take up all your free time in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, and you won’t have enough time for life itself. Once you know your baseline, your doctor and other health care practitioners can help you target the areas you need to work on, thus saving you precious time!

#5 Smile to Shrug Off Anxiety

Smile as frequently as possible and put smiles on others’ faces. When smiling, you get four irreplaceable hormones released which create what is known as happiness. Smiling lowers your heart rate, anxiety, and stress levels.

Today’s stress-filled world can make our nervous system paralyzed with anxiety. If this is you, try to de-stress by smiling more often! You can trick your brain into thinking it is less stressed—this is the easiest bio-hack out there.

Clearly, if you are able to eliminate the stress trigger, do that! But in case it’s out of your control, try smiling and doing other activities that you enjoy and which relax you.


Staying in good shape may seem impossible when you’re busy all the time, but if you are ready to make some small changes, you may be surprised how many benefits you can see in a short time!

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