Six Positive Things to Do Every Day

Try These Positive Things To Do

You don’t need us to tell you that life can be tough, especially over the last year since the Coronavirus pandemic took hold. With all the challenges of daily life, from work stress to personal struggles, it can often seem like some days, the universe is against you.

Positive Things To Do Daily

Well, as cheesy as it sounds, whilst every day might not be good, there is good to be found every day.

Here are six positive things to do you can do every day – no matter how unmotivated and down you’re feeling, to try and inject a glimmer of goodness into your routine.

1. Exercise

You’re probably bored of hearing it, but exercise is good for you! It not only benefits your physical health in terms of organs, weight and fitness, but it has a huge impact on your mental health, too. When you exercise, your brain releases dopamine and endorphins.

Dopamine is responsible for the sense of pleasure and rewards, and that explains why after you complete a full workout you feel satisfied and proud – both of which are positive emotions. Endorphins are responsible for lots of things, including reducing physical pain and mental stress.

For these reasons, fitting even just a 15-minute workout into your day is a positive thing.

2. Drink Water

In the same way, we’re always told to exercise, drinking water really does have a positive effect on you. Not many people drink the recommended seven cups of water a day, so odds are there’s room for improvement for most people.

Making the effort to drink more water will pay off. For starters, you’ll find you have improved cognitive function, better energy levels, less risk of constipation, and better skin to name but a few advantages. These are all positive things.

3. Smile at Yourself in the Mirror

Six Positive Things to Do Every DayThis tip sounds redundant and perhaps even a little bit silly, but there is a method behind this. Smiling can almost trick your brain into thinking you’re happy, so even if you don’t have much to smile a day one day, forcing it in the mirror can make your brain think you do, therefore helping to boost happiness, reduce anxiety and improve low mood. You can also opt for teeth bleaching by the dentists in vineland nj for a confident smile.

One study even suggested that smiling can increase positive thoughts, so if you’re in a bad mood, it could remind you of some of the good things in your life,

4. Undertake a Small Act of Kindness

Nothing makes you feel as good as helping someone else, so it’s well worth setting yourself the challenge of doing one small act of kindness every day.

There are a number of ways you can do this. Examples include paying it forward at your local coffee place, helping someone carry their shopping bags to their car, or putting out some food for a local stray cat. Alternatively, you can donate to charity.

This might not be a daily thing, but if you’re religious you could divide your religious dues into daily amounts. A good example is by using a Zakat calculator to determine how much you need to pay and then dividing it into smaller payments.

5. Write Down One Good Thing That Happened to You

No matter how bad your day is going, there is bound to be one good part of it. Whether that’s your toast coming out perfectly or receiving exemplary feedback from a client at work, there is always something worth celebrating.

It’s good to get into the habit of buying a diary and writing down one positive thing every day, that way, you can see that no day is ever 100% terrible!

6. Eat Nice Food

If all else fails, your favorite food is sure to cheer you up. Life is too short to cut out all the tastiest foods, so make sure you eat at least one thing that makes you go ‘mmm’ every day.

It could be a scoop of ice cream, your go-to smoothie, or a chocolate bar. Whatever it is, take the time to weave it into your daily routine.


Try these six positive things to do and see how they impact your days moving forwards.