The Living Room Workout

Blast Calories With this Living Room Workout

Do you ever feel like getting in a workout but don’t want to drive to the gym? We totally understand! That’s why we were so glad to get our hands on this expert routine! With this workout – designed by fitness pro Matthew Carney – you can always get in a workout, even in your living room! Give this living room workout a try tonight!

Living Room Workout – Getting Started

Getting to the gym sometimes isn’t an option, however you can still get a quick and effective workout in at home or on the road.

Here are a few great exercises that will work and tone every part of your body.

1. Sofa High Bridge

This exercise is great for getting a rear a la J.Lo or Pippa Middleton. Lay on the floor on your back, with your feet up on the edge of the sofa. Press into the sofa and lift your hips in the air by squeezing your glutes tight. Slowly lower down to complete one rep. Complete 1 set of 24 reps.

2. Sofa Sideplank

Bend your arm and put your forearm on the edge of the sofa cushion, then step back with your feet on the ground and turn to a sideplank position. The sofa will keep your arm padded and it’s nicer than using a mat! Hold yourself in this sideplank position for 45 seconds, twice on each side. Do one side at a time. Complete 2 sets of 45 seconds on each side.

3. Stepladder Side-Kicks

This is a great exercise for the lower body and hips. Using a stepladder or sturdy chair to help support this move, rest your hands on the top of it while standing next to it. Lean into the chair/step ladder and lift your leg and foot to waist height, then kick out in a straight line. Slowly pull the leg back in, touch the foot down to the ground, and kick again! Complete 2 sets of 12 kicks on each leg.

4. Stair Step-up Switch

This move is intense — it will get your heart rate up for a great cardiovascular workout, as well as really work your lower body (glutes, quads and hamstrings). Find a step or stair and put one foot up on the step. With a dynamic leap, jump to switch the feet to complete one rep. Complete 2 sets of 20 switches (in 40 seconds or less).

5. Pillow Hop-Overs

Lie a pillow on the ground and use it as your prop for hopping over.

Complete 10 hop-overs on 1-leg, jumping side to side-to-side. Then, stand with your feet glued together and complete 10 more hop-overs side-to-side keeping your feet together (pictured at top).

ADVANCED OPTION: Add on 10 hop-overs moving front to back and 10 leaping lunges, switching legs over the pillow. Further challenge yourself by stacking more than one pillow!

6. Counter to Floor Push-up Progression

Complete 2 sets of 20 push-ups, first beginning at counter-height stepping away from the counter with your feet out on the ground where you can comfortably lower down into a push-up position against the counter.

As this becomes easier, move from the counter to a sofa or chair, and work until you can compete 2 sets of 20 at that level. Then, progress on to a step and finally down to the ground.

7. Pillow Seated Stretch Cool Down

Sit on top of a pillow or two, and try one of the classic seated stretches, with legs split wide. You will notice how much easier it is to stretch and fold forward with that small amount of raised height under you! Perform each stretch 2 times, holding for at least 20 seconds.


This living room workout can help you take your health to the next level!

Next time you have a few free minutes at home give this workout a try and let us know how it goes!

Don’t be tied to the gym to workout – you can exercise anytime and anywhere! 🙂

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