Tips to Keep You and Your Workout Partner Motivated

Keeping Your Workout Partner Motivated

Are you and your workout partner struggling to keep yourselves and each other motivated through your workouts? Keeping it fun and interactive will boost your motivation and increase the chances of commitment in the long run.

Workout Partner Motivation

If you and your workout partner are looking for ways to stay motivated this season, we’ve provided some tips below.

1. Friendly Competition

Competition should be an easy motivator for you and your workout partner. Come up with ideas to make working out fun and competitive in a way that works for both of you.

One suggestion is using online sportsbooks in Michigan or something similar in your state to increase the stakes in your friendly competition. You can even win some money while you’re at it by placing bets on professional sports leagues. Come up with a workout-related reward for the winner and punishment for the loser.

The winner of the sportsbook gets to plan the next workout, or the loser has to run an extra mile that day. A competition with real stakes can provide some extra motivation to avoid doing your least favorite workout and make some extra cash while you’re at it.

2. Set a Goal

Set a realistic goal for yourself or one that works for both of you. You can always adjust it. Do you both want to lower your time running a mile, or does your partner want to be able to lift 50 more pounds by the end of the year?

Tips to Keep You and Your Workout Partner MotivatedRemember, you don’t want to push yourself so hard you get injured. Be honest with your partner if you’re unable to match their caliber. You might need extra time to warm up if you’re not at the same level of fitness, and that’s okay. You can push each other and keep each other safe.

Allow yourself to have fun without the pressure of outperforming your partner.

3. Join a Sports League Together

Joining a sports league with your workout partner can make your routine more fun and interactive. Where you live and the popularity of adult sports leagues will determine how easily you find a group you both click with, but it’s worth a shot to broaden your bubble.

Here are a few places you can find an adult sports league to join:

  • Colleges and universities
  • Your local gym or YMCA
  • City recreational organization
  • Clubs for outdoor activities
  • Social media

If you want to play with others, decide if you are both more interested in finding a team that plays for fun or competition.

Working out together can be easier because it doesn’t require making plans with more than one person, but it can help you find others to connect with or help you to stay committed when you’re both having a sluggish spell.

4. Buy Equipment

Deciding what equipment you could buy might be stressful and expensive if you’re looking at the top-rated gear available for your chosen sport.

You don’t need the most expensive equipment and gear to perform well, especially if both of you are focused on more casual workouts or may not be committed to this particular sport or exercise in the long run. You can be economical when looking for ways to make working out together more fun.

There are ways to save money on unique equipment, like purchasing used items from a sports store or attending a local gear swap. If you need safety equipment, consider spending a little more on those items to guarantee you’re safe while working out.


Whether you and your workout partner are committed to working together or want to broaden your circle, having someone to push you can help you stay motivated.

Incorporate sports and friendly competition to get you out the door when you don’t want to and see how motivation helps you form a healthier habit.


Photo by Sarah Chai from Pexels
Photo by Andres Ayrtonfrom Pexels