The Best Thigh Slimming Workouts

Best Bets for Building Slimmer Thighs

From bulging biceps to lovely legs, we all would like to improve our health and aesthetics along the way. This is also true with it comes to building slimmer thighs and beautiful legs. Check out this expert advice and simple exercises to help you get to where you want to be!

Building Slimmer Thighs 101

Exercises for building slimmer thighs usually come in an assortment of movements that target not only your thighs, but your legs as a whole.

Usually, most people do not need specialized training for certain body regions, which is specifically targeting only one area of muscles. This is generally for muscle building. The other reason why you want to place extra emphasis on your thighs along with your legs as a whole is that it makes everything appear equal.

Having slimmer thighs with large ankles and calves just would not look right.

A Mixture of Strength Training and Cardio is a Must

Top Exercises for Building Slimmer Thighs PinterestStrength and cardiovascular training are two important types of programs that all people physically capable of performing should be doing. Strength training has a bad reputation for building muscle mass and making the body muscular in appearance.

This is actually the wrong type of training for that description. Strength training is intended to make your muscles and bones stronger with some lean muscle increase. However, it will not make muscles significantly larger due to lower resistance usage.

Cardio is important because it helps burn fat and increases the health of your heart and lungs.

While this is taking place; your body is developing stronger muscles especially in your legs and abdomen.

Performing a mixture of these two training programs is optimal for building slimmer thighs through the use of leg workouts.

In order to prevent any significant muscle gains that turn thighs into the muscular build, you have to perform higher repetitions with lower loads of weight.

Leg Workouts that Truly Work

People are often told not to perform exercises such as squats or lunges because they will only make your thighs bigger. The reasoning behind this is understandable, but generally this is not a good response. Without exercising your thighs and body in general, you will not slim down naturally.

Instead, the other option is depriving your body of nutrients (starve/diet), which is not a wise idea.

That being said, you should be performing exercises with higher repetitions in the amount of 3 sets. This allows your body to have an increased intensity through the use of slow-twitch muscle fibers. Performing the exercises below with low weight loads is ideal for slimming your thighs and legs.

Low weight means you can finish every exercise set (or most at least). They should be easy enough to perform, but with enough intensity to allow your metabolism to increase – focus on the muscle contraction during each rep.

  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Fire Hydrants
  • Bird Dogs
  • Hip Thrusters
  • Leg Extensions
  • Leg Curls

Remember, each exercise is with low weight and high repetitions.  An example would be 3 sets for 15+ reps for all exercises.

Cardio Training

Cardio does not require an hour of running on the treadmill. You can increase the intensity of your cardio to shorten the amount of time needed by nearly 30 minutes.

This is possible by jogging for a few minutes; then switching to a brisk run; dropping back down to a jog, and then sprinting for a short distance.

This is referred to as high interval intensity training or HIIT for short. HIIT is designed to vary your workout intensity from low to moderate, moderate to low, and low to high. This is not the specific way you have to perform interval changes, but the concept is switching your pace throughout your workout.

Running is not your only option for cardio.

You can also use other exercise equipment such as an exercise bike, elliptical, or you could even swim laps. Performing exercises for short periods also convert over to cardio training such as jumping rope, mountain climbers, or even plain old jumping jacks.

Rest and Nutrients

After training via leg workouts you may need a 24 hour time period of rest. You can walk around and perform daily tasks, but physical training on your legs is not good. Your muscles are sore because they are torn and need time to utilize protein for repair, and 24 hours is the time researched for protein synthesis to complete. You can train your upper body during this time frame.

However, it might be best to avoid exercises such as deadlifts unless you are at least intermediate in your training capabilities.

One nutrient to think about when planning your diet are carbohydrates. Carbs provide your body with energy and are the first ones used to produce it. Eating just below the required daily amount is sufficient enough to produce fat loss with energy to train with.

The daily amount of calories, in general, need to be reduced by 200-300 calories to start off if you wish to lose fat and slim your thighs down. You can lower it accordingly if no results show, but weight loss should be noticeable with this specific deficit for at least a month.


Creating the body you want and building slimmer thighs isn’t rocket science.

By having a plan of action and sticking to it, you can get the results you want! Start implementing these tips today!