The Ultimate Female Training Guide: Part II

Female Training Guide: Here you go, ladies

In Part I of our female training guide you saw the most important factor that a woman needs to consider when setting up and planning a weight training program; nutrition. We hope you have gone through it and have noted the things that you need to be careful with. As promised, here we will move on to the exercises that will help you move ahead with the routine. Along with a healthy diet, your exercise routine also plays an important role when you are trying to slim down and tone up (gain muscle).

Our female training guide

We already know that the lower levels of testosterone are the main reason why women cannot gain muscle as quickly as guys.

Thus ladies if you want defined or toned muscles you need to be determined to keep working until your goals are achieved.

Here are three exercises that we suggest to reach your goals more quickly:


For this exercise, you will need weights such as dumbbells, kettlebells, bars, or barbells. The form is always very important. To begin, your legs have to be shoulder apart with the weight in front of you.

To perform the exercise, lift the weight up while keeping your back straight and your head forward, in line with the back. You can either perform the move with your legs straight or with a slight bend. Your hands should be stretched out straight to lift the weights with your thumbs pointing inwards.

The Ultimate Female Training Guide: Part II
Keep your feet shoulder-width apart when performing this exercise (hard to see in the above photo).

To gain maximum benefits with deadlifts, you need to:

  • As a beginner try to perform it twice a week.
  • Start doing it with 4 sets of 5 repetitions each until you become stronger.
  • Continue increasing the weights as your body gets stronger.


Squats are known as the KING of all the exercises. This is one form of exercise that helps work out a number of muscles together. In order to make the most of it while squatting, you will have to:

  • Gain enough strength to go deeper while you are squatting.
  • Try to go very deep into your squat to increase the difficulty and work the muscles intensely (of course, don’t go too deep where you can’t get up or fall over).
  • Try increasing the weight as you get used to the movement.

Bench Press

The bench press is mainly done to target the upper body like the chest and the arms; providing you with a stronger upper body. You will gain muscle and strength in the upper body if you are consistent in performing bench presses with proper technique. A few tips that will help you with the bench press are:

  • Maintain a tight grip around the bar. This will help in equating the tension on the lower arm, the upper arm, and the chest.
  • The chest should be kept up and feet securely on the floor providing balance.

These exercises with a little caution and PROPER form can help you maximize your muscle gains and give you amazing, toned muscles.

If you are trying these exercises out for the first time make sure you have a trainer who will help you with your form. Here are a few pointers for you to remember if you are trying to gain muscle:

  • Exercise/lift at least three times a week. Are your body gains strength and stamina, you can increase your workout frequency.
  • Do not focus on a single muscle group; concentrate on all the muscles of your body (think compound exercises like squats that work for multiple muscle groups).
  • Give your muscles enough time to relax and grow. You don’t want to get burnt out.


We hope these tips will help you along the way as you exercise to tone-up and gain some muscle.

We will get back to you in Part III with more ultimate training tips! Until then pick up the weights, concentrate on form, and build the body you want!

Image credit: roonb & Everkinetic