Does Coffee Help You Lose Weight

Want to Lose Weight? Coffee Could Be the Key!

Do you want to drop a few pounds? Let’s face it: you have probably come across a multitude of diets that promise miraculous weight loss in weeks. Most diets are way too restrictive, harm your health, and you usually put on (even more) weight once you’re done with the program.

What does the research say?

Successful weight loss is not rocket science; you just need to exercise regularly and follow a well-balanced diet regimen. This includes enriching your nutrition with foods and beverages that are detoxifying agents and improve your metabolism. Coffee can jumpstart your weight loss, as you’ll learn here.

Does coffee promote weight loss?

Admit it — the idea that coffee benefits weight loss seems too good to be true, particularly if you are already a coffee drinker. This is not yet another excuse coffee drinkers use to continue drinking this beverage. Believe it or not, the positive impact of coffee on weight loss is confirmed by science. The latest study on this subject comes from China where scientists examined the activity of the adenosine receptors (known to be blocked by caffeine) in the brain.

They injected a high dose of caffeine directly into the brains of mice. Results, published in Nature Communications, showed that overweight mice who received caffeine managed to slim down.

Caffeine made them eat less and inspired them to be more physically active, both of which are essential factors for successful weight loss.

Scientists concluded that drinking coffee can, indeed, help combat obesity. The lead author of the study, Professor Guo Zhang, explained that results demonstrate caffeine treatment ameliorates obesity through energy expenditure and reduction of food intake, thus opening the door to anti-obesity pills based on caffeine.

How does coffee work for weight loss?

Although the Chinese study is the latest one to confirm the positive effects of coffee on weight loss, the benefits of caffeine for this purpose are well-documented. The question is how coffee induces such an effect. Caffeine affects a molecule called adenosine, which participates in the quality of sleep and production of energy.

Professor Zhang explained when mice were dosed with caffeine; it blocked adenosine receptors in the hypothalamus. This area of the brain is the central regulator of energy balance. The action encouraged brain cells to release oxytocin, which then led to a reduction in obesity. In fact, oxytocin is a crucial mediator of the anti-obesity effect of caffeine.

Coffee stimulants contribute to weight loss

Even though caffeine has been demonized recently, the health benefits of coffee are numerous. Of course, the key is in moderate consumption! Weight loss is an important benefit of this popular beverage, and one key to action is through stimulants found in coffee. They are:

  1. Caffeine – central nervous system stimulant
  2. Chlorogenic acid – biologically active compound which helps slow absorption of carbohydrates
  3. Theobromine and theophylline – associated with caffeine, exhibit stimulant effectsnutrition, wellness, coffee, caffeine

Fat burning

A growing body of evidence confirms that caffeine stimulates the nervous system which responds by sending direct signals to the fat cells in your body and instructs them to break down fat. Of course, breaking down fat is extremely important for safe and successful weight loss.

Moreover, caffeine increases blood levels of the hormone epinephrine, also known as adrenaline according to a study published in Diabetes Care. The hormone travels through your blood to the fat tissues to send signals to break down fats and release them into the blood. This simple process is how caffeine aids in mobilizing fat from fat tissues, thus allowing you to slim down.

Higher metabolic rate

It’s simple: the higher your metabolic rate, the easier it is for you to lose weight. Increased metabolism also allows you to eat reasonably without gaining weight immediately. A study from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that caffeine enhances metabolic rate by 8-11%. This faster metabolism is primarily caused by caffeine’s ability to burn fat, scientists found.

The above-mentioned effects of caffeine are less pronounced in obese individuals. In one study, the fat burning rate in lean people increased by 29% while obese individuals experienced a 10% higher fat-burning rate. Another important benefit of caffeine is that it improves athletic performance, thus allowing you to get more out of your workout.

It is also a proven anti-oxidant,which means coffee can help your body process free radicals.

Weight loss tips

Although black coffee is highly beneficial for weight loss, you should stick to moderate consumption. Many other useful things can help you slim down and allow you to experience quick weight loss in a safe manner, without jeopardizing your health. Here’s what to do:

  1. Exercise regularly
  2. Don’t diet or follow too restrictive eating programs
  3. Eat a well-balanced diet
  4. Don’t skip meals, particularly breakfast
  5. Drink water, coffee, and green tea
  6. Cut back on sugar and starches
  7. Avoid sugary drinks
  8. Eat fiber-rich foods
  9. Avoid processed foods
  10. Use smaller plates
  11. Get enough sleep


Coffee has gotten a bad rap recently, but it does offer multiple health benefits — including weight loss. Numerous studies have confirmed the positive effect of coffee on your weight and the latest piece of evidence comes from China. Of course, to lose weight effectively, be mindful of things you eat and make sure you live a healthy lifestyle.


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