What is the Reason for Back Pain?

The Reason For Back Pain

Everyone experiences back discomfort once in a while. Our back can irritate us, and we don’t know why. Depending on how bad the pain is, you might need to see a doctor. Sometimes the pain is subtle and it grows into a bigger problem.

Top Reasons for Back Pain

It’s hard to tell what is giving you this pain and how it started. Here are some reasons to consider why you’re experiencing back pain.

Ligament or Muscle strain

Any type of sudden movement can throw your back out of alignment. This is the same if you’ve been moving heavy equipment or boxes. This activity strains your back muscles and can cause pain. Back spasms can occur during the day or while sleeping.

You might experience sharp pains along your spine that come and go. Our ligament sometimes snaps or becomes damaged resulting in lower pain problems in your back. For issues where you are struggling to move, it might be time to find out the cause.

Muscle strains constrict your movement and make everything you do a chore. Seek back pain treatment fast when these symptoms occur. Finding out the reason for back pain can solve your discomfort.

Ruptured or Bulging disks

We have cushions between our bones along our spine called disks that protect us from breakage. When it’s ruptured, meaning the soft material has suffered damage, then your back pain increases.

This pain can prevent you from moving around. The bulging that occurs from a ruptured disk presses against a nerve, causing you serious pain. An x-ray can discover disk disease that could also be the source of your constant back issues.


Arthritis is a common issue for many people. Some have it in their fingers where they can’t pick up objects around the house. There is such a thing called osteoarthritis, which is the reason for back pain in millions of individuals.

What is the Reason for Back PainThe pain often targets the lower back or around the spine. Have a doctor’s check-up as early as you can. Never continue to suffer from pain.

High Fever

Running a high fever could relate to back pain. Many of us often ignore our fevers, thinking it’s because we either ate something wrong or a nasty cold is on the way.

High fever is often a sign your back pain needs attention and causes internal damage. Most people will experience bladder issues, high fever, and back pain at the same time.

Stomach Pain

Constant pain in your stomach can alert you to other issues in your body. Noticing your back is aching daily, and you’re always grabbing your stomach is a big sign. Lower abdominal issues are related to your back pain problems.

Sudden Discomfort

Most of us have minor discomfort in our bodies. However, when the entire pain is located in your back at the top or the bottom, it might be something else is going on.

If you were feeling fine a few days ago and now you’re aching in your back, consider heading to the Physiotherapy Clinic in Singapore.

Extreme Weight

Extreme weight on our body creates extra pressure on every aspect of our limbs and joints. This is a huge source of back problems and why people suffer in pain.

You might consider going on a diet or starting an exercise program. Weight loss is the number one relief for any kind of back pain due to too much weight on our bodies.


We all lead busy and stressful lives. Believe it or not, heavy stress can put a strain on your back. If you’re lifting or under tons of stress in your life, it can trickle down to your back.

Stress is so powerful it can hinder our ability to move freely and feel comfortable. Try to minimize the stress in your life, your back will thank you later.


These are some of the reasons you suffer from back pain. It’s always a good idea to seek back pain treatment when something doesn’t feel right. Understand the reason for back pain to cut down on any confusion. Straining ligaments or muscles often results in discomfort for your back.

Are you lifting stuff at work that’s too heavy? This could be the reason for back pain in your lower waist area. It’s possible you’ve ruptured the disk in your back creating you to cringe every time you move. Many people with arthritis find out it’s in their back as well. Pay attention to high fevers, stomach pains, or sudden discomfort.

These have a direct relation to the pain in your back. Cut down on the stress in your life and consider losing weight if you’re obese. If you’re experiencing any kind of these symptoms consult your doctor.


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