Do Men Lose Weight Faster Than Women?

Men Lose Weight Easier?

Have you and your boyfriend/husband ever gone on the same diet at the same time but he loses far more weight than you do? How is this possible? Well sorry ladies, it’s not just you. It happens to women all around the world. So why do men lose weight easier than women?

Men Tend To Have More Muscle Mass

Probably the most important reason why men lose weight easier is that they have more muscle mass than women, which is mainly due to the hormone testosterone.

Men burn more calories than women even when resting and just sitting around, they have a faster resting metabolism.

This also means that men burn more calories when working out even when doing the same exercises. This leads to women needing to work out harder to lose the same amount of weight loss as men.

Weight training can help to build up your muscles in order to speed up your metabolism.

Psychological Factor

Men lose weight easierBut it’s not just the physical factors that make it harder for women to lose as much weight as men. There are also mental factors at play.

Generally, women have a greater emotional attachment to food than men. This makes it much harder to stick to strict diets, especially those that don’t offer “cheat days”.

And if a woman slips up and has an unhealthy snack, this more often leads to falling off the rails and everything in sight gets eaten (not all the time).

Unfortunately, this undermines most of the hard work that has been done by eating great food and can lead to being really hard on themselves.

On the other hand, in general, men find it easier to stick to diets. And if men slip up and have an unhealthy snack, they are generally far less guilty about it and are more likely to get straight back into the diet. So your action plan here is not to beat yourself up about a slip-up.

Have your unhealthy meal, enjoy it, and get straight back to eating well after you are finished – no dessert.

Food Preferences

Finally, men and women generally have different food preferences.

Naturally many of us think that woman prefer more carbohydrates as opposed to men, who prefer eating more meat (think caveman diet).

While this may not necessarily be true, men usually need more carbs (larger muscle mass and thus energy expenditure) so if a man and a woman ate the same amount of carbs, the man would lose more weight (relative to the original body size).

Try to limit your carb intake and eat more protein.


So there you have it. It’s not your fault that you are not losing as much weight as your boyfriend/husband while on the same diet, men can lose weight easier. So don’t beat yourself up about it!

Do you have any stories to share about trying to lose weight with your partner?

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