How To Workout Harder: The Secret to Success

Workout Harder: Go Big

Many of us spend hours at the gym. Some want to build muscle, many want to lose weight, others want to increase their strength and some simply want to stay fit. Many people actually prefer working out at home or outside. No matter your preference, we all want results!

Workout Harder – The Secret to Success

Have you come across someone who continuously works out and still doesn’t see results? Have they been taking the right supplements to suit their workouts or satisfies their body?

Have you ever thought of increasing the intensity of your workout – aka workout harder?

Many people would like to work out harder or perform a more intense workout but don’t know where to begin. Let’s go over some basic steps to increase the intensity of your workout and just straight-up workout harder!

Workout Harder Here's How!1. Super-Set Your Exercises

This is an effective way to work out and gets better results in a shorter period of time. You basically are performing two exercises that work opposing muscle groups (or even the same muscle groups) with little to no rest between sets. This keeps you constantly moving, your heart rate elevated, and your workout flying by.

Not only that, but if you perform it at a high enough intensity you can actually induce an EPOC effect (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption) which can have you burning calories due to that workout hours after you are done!

2. Set a Timer

People spend hours at the gym but spend only a few minutes actually working out. People tend to chit-chat between sets or exercises, wasting time and cooling down the muscles.

You need to remember that a few intense exercises done continuously are more helpful than the ones that are performed in intervals. Thus, you can set a timer and see to it that you complete a set of workouts within a given time

3. Avoid the Machines

Machines are one of the most common types of equipment found in the gym. It is usually a misconception that machines produce a better workout. People tend to exercise on machines thinking that this will help them lose weight faster or build more muscles.

Free weights work more effectively and faster than their machined counterparts. Thus, avoid using machines and stick with free weights instead.

4. Focus on One Part at a Time

You cannot work all the parts of your body together at the same time. You need to focus on each part at a time. Working out one muscle group will help in giving equal importance to every part and thus focusing on them equally. This can also be applied to certain sides of the body.

For instance, exercise each arm or leg for equal intervals of time.

5. Increase the Number of Repetitions

This is again a simple modification to your routine in which you simply increase the number of repetitions of each exercise. Often our body can get accustomed to the number of exercises we perform on a regular basis.

Thus, it stops or slows down the responses… results come slower or stop altogether (we hit a plateau). Make sure that you keep increasing the number of repetitions so that the muscles are fatigued each time you exercise.

6. Find a Partner

We all know that having someone to perform almost any activity with makes it more enjoyable; exercising is one of these activities!

Grab a friend who is willing to exercise with you, working out will be more fun and you will push each other to new heights.

7. Combine Strength Training and Cardio

People commonly think that cardio should be performed before the actual strength training. But, adding a little cardio between these strength training sets can help increase the metabolism and provide a better workout.

Add a few cardio intervals (i.e. jumping rope, sprints, burpees…etc.) between your other exercises to witness substantial benefits; make your workout almost like a circuit regime!

8. Try the Appropriate Supplements

Some people find it difficult to deal with an intense workout. There are certain kinds of workout supplements and energy drinks that help increase strength and performance.

There are also a number of supplements that act as testosterone boosters that help increase your metabolism, helping you burn more calories. Be sure to select the appropriate supplement that is suitable for your body type and your workout regime (consult your physician).

9. Log Your Workouts:

One great way to motivate yourself is to literally compete with yourself. You are one in a million and thus you cannot try to accomplish what others are doing.

Make it a habit to take notes of all that you have done during a workout. This will help you note higher targets that you will be encouraged to achieve, piling on the motivation!

10. Social Media Shout-Out

It feels great when your friends appreciate the hard work that goes into your workouts. Share your workout details socially and get encouragement and also advice from other fitness freaks.

Not only will this provide great motivation but it also helps to encourage you to be even greater!


These methods are the basics to workout harder – some of them are a bit more intense than they appear. Sometimes supplements are a great tool in order to speed up your metabolism, drive you to finish a workout, or just get you to the gym in the first place! The most important thing that you need is self-confidence.

You need to be sure that you can perform better than what you have done before. Workout harder to push yourself to new heights, personal records, goals!

We know you can do it and so do you! What are you waiting for?