5 Best Inner Thigh Exercises You Can Do at Home

5 Best Inner Thigh Exercises You Can Do at Home

Many people, especially females, have a hard time getting rid of pesky inner thigh fat. It can be quite difficult to tone and shape these areas. However, have no fear! I am writing this article to provide the best inner thigh exercises to help give you the legs of your dreams!

Inner thigh exercises that are perfect at home

These exercises are best done in a circuit fashion (5-6 exercises, 2-3 times through) or in a tri-set fashion (3 exercises, 2-3 times through). Please see my tri-set article for more info.

Exercise #1 Spiderman Lunge + Squat

This is an amazing toning and shaping compound movement.

Start in a high plank. Have your hands and arms right under your shoulders. You should feel sturdy.

5 Best Inner Thigh Exercises You Can Do at Home Superman Lunge to Squat

Place the right foot by the right hand and then do the same on the left side.  Then, sit up in a squat.

After holding the squat for a few breaths, jump back into a high plank.

Try to have minimal rest until your set is done. The typical set is 10-20 reps. This rep range is standard for all exercises listed. However, please adjust your rep range based on what’s healthiest for you. This is merely a guideline.

Exercise #2 Glute Bridge with Inner Thigh Hold

For this exercise, you will be in a supine position. Place the soles of your feet on the floor. Try to get your heels as close as you can to your body. This will force your glutes to activate.

Make sure your toes are pointed forward too.

Place a yoga block or ball in between your inner thighs and squeeze this object tightly.

Push your hips up to the ceiling while squeezing the object. Come back down from the bridge continuing to squeeze the ball or block.

You can practice holding the bridge for x amount of time as well.

To engage the calves you can do this exercise on your toes too.

Exercise #3 Lateral Lunge

Stand in a sumo squat position with toes pointed slightly outwards.

Lunge to one side, return to the starting position and then lunge laterally towards the other side.

Keep your weight on your heels. You should feel inner thigh and glute activation.

This exercise can be done with weights as well. Either hold the weights above the shoulders or have the weights at your sides.

Exercise #4 Frog Crunch

This is a great one for the core too!

Lie on your back. Place your hands behind your head while keeping your elbows wide.

Put the soles of your feet together and crunch up from the abdominals.

You should feel core and inner thigh activation. There should not be any strain on the neck.

Exercise #5 Plie Squat Jump

Start with toes pointed forward and legs close together.

Jump out into a plie squat with as much power as you can muster. A proper plie squat requires toes pointing out to the sides, squatting down to at least the height of a chair, keeping the body tall as well as the knees tracking over the toes.

Once you land, take a few seconds to deepen your squat if possible.

Then jump back into the initial standing stance.

This exercise is another great way to tone/shape and get you sweating!


I hope this article on the best inner thigh exercises has given readers a few new exercises that can be added to their leg days! There are so many more exercises one could do but these are a few of my favorites. Hope everyone is staying healthy, safe, and active during these times!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned!