5 Fitness Mantras to Follow This Year

5 Fitness Mantras to Follow This Year

Must-Follow Fitness Mantras

Workout four times a week, eat right, get eight hours of sleep…etc. these are examples of fitness mantras people follow. Do you follow any? How about trying these five fitness mantras below for your best year yet!

Do you follow any fitness mantras?

Every year, you promise to yourself that you are going to work out and maintain high fitness levels. But, as the year progresses, you forget about the promises made and return to your old habits.

This year, how about you stick to your promises and get in shape?

To help you out, we have gathered five fitness mantras, which you should follow this year. Keep in mind that you are only responsible for your general well-being, including when it comes to physical fitness.

#1  Easy home workouts

While working out at the gym is great, you might not always find the time to go there. Instead of finding excuses for sitting on the couch, change your mindset and try out an easy training routine at home. It does not have to be anything complicated but rather easy exercises, which do not require intense physical effort.

For example, you can try front planks, squat jumps, and push-ups with elbows tucked. Don’t push yourself too hard but rather try to build your natural resistance in a gradual manner. Don’t forget about eating healthy and establishing a weight loss routine as well.

#2  Educate yourself to drink water

During the summer, we drink a lot of water, due to the high rising temperatures and constant exposure to the summer. However, as temperatures go down and we slide into winter, our intake of water lowers. Unfortunately, dehydration is quite damaging to the body, having an adverse impact on the overall state of health.

A dehydrated body does not have the same physical resistance, not to mention the fact that the immune system is weakened. For all these reasons, you need to educate yourself and maintain the same water intake, regardless of the weather or season.

#3  Establish a diet plan that works in your favor

Just because you have heard someone following a particular diet, doesn’t mean you should go ahead and start the same diet yourself. You should always strive to choose the best diet plan for your individual needs so that you can lose weight in a healthy and natural manner.

Always watch out for the sizes of your portions, making sure to avoid refined and overly processed foods. Increase your fruits and vegetable intake, choosing the ones that are low in calories but high in fiber, as these guarantee the best satiety sensation.

Eat three main meals in a day, with two healthy snacks in-between. Avoid giving into food temptations and do not eat late at night, as this is when the majority of the weight is gained. If you are not sure you can follow a weight loss diet on your own, ask for the help of a nutritionist.

This specialist can recommend the best diet plan for your needs, tracking your progress and making suggestions where necessary.

#4  Stop waiting

How many times have you delayed working out, just because the weather outside was not great or it seemed like you had more important things to do?

Well, when it comes to physical fitness, the best moment to start training is now. Not later. It does not matter how the weather is outside, as you will not train outside anyway (except for jogging or running, which, in the case of nasty weather, can be replaced with other workouts).

Stop making excuses and start training today, so that you can enjoy a good state of health for many years to come.

#5  It is normal to quit, but don’t

While this might not seem like the kind of inspiring fitness mantra to follow this year, take a closer look, and you will discover that it is. When you first begin working out and following a diet, the first thought is to quit and return to a state of comfort.

Both physical training and diets take us out of our comfort zones, which can be quite displeasing. The trick is to keep on going, stepping over your limits, and discover your new power. Keep in mind that it is easy to quit and return to your comfort zone, but it takes a lot of courage to go on and reach your objectives.


This year, forget about your old self and follow the fitness mantras that we have gathered for you.

Get off your couch and begin training today, discovering your limits and striving to new heights.

Learn how to eat right, drink the right amount of water and get at least 7-8 hours of sleep per night, as sleep deprivation can wreak havoc on your health. Maintain an overall positive attitude, and you will only have to gain in the following period.

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