Beyond Body Bad Reviews: Read This Before You Buy It!

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In the world of weight loss apps, Beyond Body has made quite a splash with its promise of personalized fitness journeys. But as with anything in the digital realm, not all reviews are singing its praises.

In this detailed guide, we’ll explore the nitty-gritty of Beyond Body’s negative reviews. From app glitches to payment concerns, we’ll dissect the drawbacks to help you make an informed decision on whether Beyond Body is worth your consideration.

Let’s jump right in and separate fact from fiction.

Beyond Body Bad Reviews: How True Are They?

Here we’ll explore the top bad reviews of Beyond Body and explore how true they really are.

Problems With the App

“Grateful for the services offered. I’ve never had a company make a recipe book with targeted goals. Customer service was willing to work with me when I had problems with the app.” – Aliyah, US.

The customer appreciated the unique services of the Beyond Body app, particularly the personalized recipe book with targeted goals. However, they encountered app problems initially. It’s important to note that the app had occasional glitches, but these issues have consistently improved with each update, ensuring a more reliable user experience over time.

“The app is consistently making errors. It changes numbers that I’ve logged, grocery shopping feature would not load until after my start date. Deletes information that I’ve entered that I’d seen saved. Meals are so redundant. I’d like a refund.” – Mary Barrett, US

While this user encountered persistent errors in the Beyond Body app, know that the company actively addresses these issues in each update to provide an improved user experience. Furthermore, the redundancy in meal options can be a matter of personal preference. It’s worth noting that Beyond Body’s customer support is readily available to assist users facing problems. Sometimes, device compatibility or outdated software versions can contribute to these issues, which can often be resolved through simple updates.

Payment Issues

“I purchased the book and then I was charged three months later 3 separate times for $54 each time. When I messaged the company to get it fixed they told me I signed up for a recurring charge for an app. Didn’t even know there was an app I just purchased the book, which I opened once and the food options were disgusting. I will never use it so now I’ve paid over $200 for something I’ll never use and they won’t refund the fraudulent charges. So I will now have to go through the process with the bank and a lawyer. (It’s the principal at this point and I’m willing to pay the fees).” Amanda Flores, US.

This customer had an unfortunate experience with Beyond Body. They unknowingly signed up for a recurring charge for an app when purchasing a book, resulting in unexpected charges. While some companies do employ such practices, customers usually have the option to cancel subscriptions. Despite this issue, it’s worth noting that many users find the app valuable and worth the subscription fee, making it a worthwhile investment for those who choose to keep it.

Beyond Body PricingDelivery Issues

“Never received my hard copy of the book and it has been over 2 months since I placed the order. I haven’t received any updates since placing the order.” – Victoria Boyle, US

The customer faced a delay in receiving their Beyond Body book for over two months with no updates. While it’s possible that the parcel was misplaced during delivery, Beyond Body is generally known for its reliable service. In such cases, it’s advisable to reach out to their customer support for a resolution, as thousands of satisfied customers have received their books through their service.

Output Quality

“This was not even half as “personalized” as it seemed in the advertisements. The recipes are bland/boring/nonexistent and just gives you a very simple food outline. I do not feel that this contained anything I didn’t already know/do.” – Aryn, US

The level of personalization in the Beyond Body app may not always meet expectations if the user’s input during sign-up lacks detail or accuracy. The app’s ability to provide tailored recipes relies heavily on the information provided, such as ingredients, dietary preferences, and cooking habits. To maximize the app’s benefits, it’s crucial to provide accurate and comprehensive information during setup.

“The meal plans seem to waste a lot of food. Eating 1/2 of a peach and then not eating the other half is wasteful. Also, cooking lunch is not easy for those of us who work outside of our home. You might want to look at some lunch options that are more work friendly.” – Tracy, US

The Beyond Body meal plans can appear wasteful if the user’s input during setup results in limited ingredient options. For instance, receiving a plan with half a peach may not align with preferences. Also, lunch options may not suit those with work-related constraints. To address this, be sure to provide comprehensive information during setup to receive meal plans that better match personal preferences and lifestyles.

Is Beyond Body Worth Trying?

Beyond Body is indeed a noteworthy option for those seeking effective and personalized weight loss solutions. Its appeal lies in its unique approach, crafting individualized diet and exercise plans based on users’ specific preferences and needs.

The program’s strength stems from its extensive database of customizable recipes, catering to various cuisines, dietary restrictions, and cooking methods. This variety ensures that users can create meal plans that align with their tastes and lifestyles, making it easier to stick to the program.

Also, Beyond Body’s exercise options accommodate a range of interests and fitness levels, making it accessible to a broad audience. The app’s tracking and reminder features enhance accountability and motivation.

Despite occasional bugs and negative reviews, Beyond Body continually updates its app to enhance the user experience. It’s important to recognize that some negative feedback may stem from incomplete or inaccurate user profiles. Providing comprehensive and accurate information during setup is key to receiving tailored and effective recommendations.

Beyond Body Positive Reviews

Here we’ll explore some positive Beyond Body reviews to help you dive deeper into its positive side as well:

“The food choices and portions were really Good! Lots of tomatoes though and tofu. I don’t like tofu and don’t think I entered it as a food I liked. Other than that it is awesome. I have lost over 4 inches in my waist and lost 12 pounds and it’s day 26!!!! Thank you so much. I am going to continue to use this meal plan but incorporate one cheat meal on the weekends and see how that works! Looking forward to the old-fashioned whiskey on Wednesday as a reward !” – Jayden Storozuk

“I am 34 years old and this is the first time in a LONG time I have actually been able to lose weight. This plan does not focus on what CAN’T be done, it is just an easy to follow guide to making all around better choices and for me it worked!! I have felt so great, my sleep and skin have improved too! This first month flew by and I am so excited to continue on this journey.” – Katie Joyce

Should You Give Beyond Body a Go?

Considering Beyond Body’s mixed reviews, it’s clear that personalization is the key to success. This weight loss program has garnered a substantial fanbase because its tailored insights genuinely work, provided you actively engage and maintain your commitment to weight loss goals.

Beyond Body’s diverse recipe options, exercise flexibility, and comprehensive tracking make it a compelling choice for those seeking a personalized and sustainable approach to achieving their fitness objectives.

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