Fitness Challenge Ideas

Fitness Challenges for the DIY Nation

You are already fully equipped to be the level of fit you desire. Don’t believe me? Try these different challenges to see how you measure up!

Lifestyle Challenges

Meal Prep

Yep, I’m starting with the big bad. You have two options here.  Option 1: Take twenty minutes out of each day to focus on food. This includes meal planning, prepping food, cooking, and packaging. This gives you the flexibility to prep tomorrow’s dinner today, or even pre-package some easy lunches. Fitness starts in the kitchen, so your first challenge is here.

Option 2: Pick one day of the week and dedicate a solid 2-3 hours to food. This is best accomplished fresh after a grocery shop so you have all your veggies washed and your food separated. This gives you the chance to see the week at a glance, as it were.

Some of the easiest meals to make can be found here.


Okay, we all need some “me time.” When do you have yours? Kids, work, social… literally any part of your day can be booked, if you let it. So your job here is not to. You can increase your fitness by relaxing!

Your challenge is to find 2 hours per week to relax. Take it in 10-minute intervals, if you like, right before bed or right after you wake up. Clear your mind and focus on deep breathing. Does this sound like meditation? It is. But it will help you focus your day.

Another way to chill out is to engage in activities you truly enjoy. Take a bubble bath. Go for a walk in the park — nature is one of the best ways to drop your stress levels! Book a massage. Read a book!

Whatever it takes, get some time to yourself and be selfish. Your family, friends, and work will thank you.

Learn to Say No

We all struggle with this one. Whether it’s your partner asking you to do something or your boss, there are days when you’ve said “yes” one too many times and your health is suffering. Stress is a killer, and we pile it on ourselves. It’s okay to be selfish (refer to the Relaxation section). So you need to learn how to say “no” when you’re being asked to do too much.

People will learn to respect your boundaries and your stress levels will go down. You’ll find more time to manage the things you need to do and you’ll see noticeable improvements in your health. Say yes to your fitness and say no to others’ demands.Fitness, workout, motivation

Exercise Challenges

Learn to…

Anything. Pick an activity, and learn it. Have you ever learned to swim properly? No? Well, there are tons of adult swimming lessons available in your community. Swimming is one of the best exercises for you.

Do you know how to play tennis? What about soccer? What about something a little more aggressive, like rugby? Any of these activities can be played recreationally, so you don’t need to be a pro. Give it a try, have some fun, and increase your fitness.

Get Outside

Let’s follow up on the Relaxation section. Nature is a proven stress reducer — so why don’t we go outside more often?  We work inside, we travel in cars, and we come home to … yep, stay inside.

Change your routine! Challenge yourself to get outside at least twice a week. Take the family on a hike on the weekend. Find a new park you’ve never been to and explore it. Choose to walk or cycle to work once a week.

Need a little more structure? Sign up for a community group that goes for hikes, goes to local gardens or conservatories, or helps you explore nature. You can learn something, make new friends, and enjoy the beauty of nature.


Okay, here’s the kicker. Activity is great, but intensity matters. You need to raise that heart rate and challenge your body to perform unfamiliar tasks. So the challenge here is to make yourself sweat at least 3 times a week. Increase your walking pace, try uphill treks, learn to run, or get into the gym.

You have tons of options to make yourself sweat; your only obstacle is yourself.

Overcome your greatest opponent and get your sweat on. The endorphins released from exercise will make you feel so good and your body will change. You’ll have a lower resting heart rate, you won’t struggle going up the stairs so much, and you may even notice changes in body composition. We want you strong, fit, and healthy—so do your loved ones.

If you want to try out some on-demand workouts because you are short on time, we’ve got you covered. Do you need a gentler start? Walking is great, but so is swimming — you sweat a lot in the water, you just can’t tell!


Sometimes we just need a little challenge to motivate us. So this is my challenge to you. Let me know how you’re doing — leave a comment below on which challenges you’ve tried and how you’re doing!