Greatness App Review 2024: The Secret to Lasting Lifestyle Changes

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  • Revolutionizing Lifestyle Management: Introducing the Greatness App

    Everyone knows they should eat healthier, exercise more, be less stressed, and get better sleep. When it comes to lifestyle changes, we all want to make big, significant transformations – but in reality, those significant changes rarely work out.

    The Greatness app emerges as a groundbreaking solution for lifestyle management and self-care, designed to effortlessly integrate healthy habits into your life without the need for drastic changes – or willpower.

    What Is Greatness – And What Sets It Apart?

    Unlike regular habit trackers and to-do list apps – which rely on fleeting bursts of motivation and willpower – Greatness acts more like a personal lifestyle coach, tailoring its approach to fit your needs, goals, and lifestyle.

    Distilling decades of research on habit formation, neuroscience, psychology, and behavior change into bite-sized actionable steps for goal achievement, Greatness is designed for those seeking a profound improvement in any area of life – from nutrition, exercise, and sleep to work and relationships.

    The Power of Micro-Habits

    Micro-habits, the core mechanism behind the Greatness app, are tiny, easily achievable behaviors that require little time or effort.

    They bypass the usual resistance we feel when trying to form new habits because they are so small that they hardly feel like a challenge.

    And while they may seem trivial in isolation, their true power lies in their cumulative effect over time – yielding significant, lasting results.

    The Greatness App – A Catalyst For Change

    Given that 40% of what we do daily is out of habit – almost half of what we’ll ever do in life – it’s clear that forming healthy habits is the key ingredient in building a fulfilling life.

    How productive or unproductive you are? A result of your habits. How healthy or unhealthy you are? A result of your habits. Your life – and the kind of person you are – is essentially the sum of your current habits.

    Greatness’ non-invasive system of instilling positive habits offers a new pathway to lifestyle management, personal growth, and self-care.

    Whether you’re looking to reduce stress, improve health, or get more organized, the Greatness app seems to have all the necessary tools and guidance you need to succeed.

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    Greatness — Up to 72% + Extra 10% OFF Discount Code

    Up to 72% + extra 10% OFF Greatness app plan. Invest in yourself by using our exclusive code in the checkout!
    On Going Offer
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  • Greatness – Like Netflix, But For Personal Growth

    Created with one of the top minds in behavioral science Samuel Salzer, Greatness houses a wide variety of self-improvement tools in one neat app, helping to grow in all areas of your life – from physical and mental health to relationships and career.

    Building healthier eating and exercise habits: Research suggests that behavior change interventions exemplified by Greatness – like goal setting, self-monitoring, and habit stacking, among many others – are effective at promoting healthy eating and exercise habits, also contributing to better weight control over time.

    Stress relief: Combining mindfulness meditations and breathwork with cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and mental health coaching, Greatness promotes psychological well-being, relaxation, and stress alleviation. Numerous studies show that regular meditation and breathwork can help reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety.

    Better sleep quality: Through science-backed habit programs, courses, and sleep meditations, Greatness helps create habits and manage environmental cues to improve sleep quality. Studies show that a regular bedtime routine can positively affect mental and physical health, as well as cognitive performance.

    Sharper focus and productivity: Research hints that people with consistent routines have higher levels of productivity and goal attainment. Greatness houses a wide variety of tools for reducing distractions, mastering time, and increasing productivity – from expert time-management programs to procrastination coaching.

    Increased self-esteem and confidence: Studies show that our daily habits play a significant role in shaping our sense of self – what we think and do daily is what we become. Through mental health coaching and specialized self-confidence programs, Greatness aids in nurturing self-esteem, self-belief, and resilience.

    Deeper, more fulfilling relationships: There’s strong evidence that people in healthy relationships live longer and are generally happier in life. Whether it’s deepening the relationship with your partner or building a stronger connection with your child, Greatness offers dedicated programs to enhance quality time and prioritize presence, active listening, and undivided attention.

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    Greatness — Up to 72% + Extra 10% OFF Discount Code

    Up to 72% + extra 10% OFF Greatness app plan. Invest in yourself by using our exclusive code in the checkout!
    On Going Offer
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  • Greatness Testimonials

    “Greatness really helps build habits to fix your life and it makes it in such little steps and with such good guidance that it’s fully doable. Recommend it truly.”
    – Karin Rommel Toledo

    “It’s easy to use, it’s engaging, and the content is really good, I’ve learned a hell of a lot. I check it more than I do most things on my phone now. It’s taken over my use of social media, and it’s just completely come into tune with the way I’m spending my day.”
    – Jennifer Booth

    “I feel like the Greatness app really targets MY needs and what I need to move forward and be a better version of myself versus like ‘here’s the standard, just follow this’”
    – Eboni Nicole

    “I’ve been in such a busy way with family, life, and work, I haven’t been prioritizing self-care very much. What I really like is how it sets small goals – you can mark off that you’ve done that thing and it gives you a sense of achievement.”
    – Lucy

    How Much Does Greatness Cost?

    Here’s the special that Greatness has going on right now and you can save even more with our discount below.

    Greatness cost
    3-month membership: $11.00 / month
    6-month membership: $9.00 / month
    12-month membership: $5.50 / month

    What’s included in the plan?

    • Premium access to self-improvement programs and courses by behavioral scientists
    • Daily routine planner and unlimited habit tracking
    • Guided meditations, sleep soundscapes, focus music, and more
    • Daily mental health coaching based on goals you want to achieve
    • In-app intermittent fasting tracker and video workouts for physical health improvement


    In our Greatness review, we’ve looked at how Greatness empowers people to finally create a lasting change in their lives – from physical and mental health to work and relationships.

    With its convenience and versatility, this innovative self-care tool offers an effortless way for anyone to get unstuck and start winning at life.

    Grab the code below to get started on your Greatness journey now – and save big!

    Greatness — Up to 72% + Extra 10% OFF Discount Code

    Up to 72% + extra 10% OFF Greatness app plan. Invest in yourself by using our exclusive code in the checkout!
    On Going Offer
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